Jun 1, 2011

Comic Book Glossary

Greetings, loyal Cubers, and welcome to the index for Comic Book Glossary. One of the aims of the Comics Cube! has always been to help out the newer readers who may be interested in, but aren't all that knowledgeable in comics. So here we are, providing definitions for some comics terms.
Art Spiegelman's "Don't Get Around Much Anymore"
utilizes many techniques all in one page.

Although other indexes on the Cube place the items in chronological order, it's only right for me to do this in alphabetical order, since it is, after all, a glossary.

Masking Effect, The
Transitions, Part 1 (action-to-action, subject-to-subject, scene-to-scene)
Transitions, Part 2 (moment-to-moment, aspect-to-aspect, non-sequitur)

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