May 3, 2021

The Comics Cube Channel Recap: May 2, 2021

Tom Peyer broke into comics working with Roger Stern in the 80s and has worn many hats since then! We talk about why he loves comics (1:30​), working with Roger Stern (10:35​), working on Vertigo with Karen Berger (14:56​), editing people like Neil Gaiman, George Perez, and Jill Thompson on Sandman and Wonder Woman (17:43​), working on Batman 1966 and The Simpsons (31:06​), kicking off Ahoy Comics (32:15​), Second Coming and Mark Russell (36:54​), and The Wrong Earth with Jamal Igle (45:50​). Jeromy Cox has colored comics starting with Paul Smith on Leave It to Chance (9:30​), and is probably best known for his work on Alan Moore and JH Williams III's Promethea (11:26​). He talks Promethea #12 (where every page connects to the next) (23:30​), working with Jose Villarrubia (25:15​), Todd Klein (26:46​), and his current kids' comic, Skink and Skunk (34:34​)!

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