Mar 1, 2021

Celebrating Will Eisner Week!

 It's Will Eisner Week! Will Eisner, creator of The Spirit and father of the graphic novel, would have been 104 years old this March 6th, and we are proud to showcase some videos from the Will Eisner channel. First, if you want an intro to the legend that is Will Eisner, here's Danny Fingeroth, Chair of Will Eisner Week:

If you're interested in finding out more (e.g., if you have a paper to write or some research to do), here's a more in-depth show I did with Danny on Eisner's life and career:

Here's Danny talking to Todd McFarlane about what made Eisner special:


And here's Gene Luen Yang on Eisner:


And watch Paul Levitz, Denis Kitchen, Susan Kirtley, and Dan Schkade discussing their favorite Eisner stories:


You can view more Will Eisner–related videos here on the Will Eisner channel.

How can YOU celebrate Will Eisner Week, you ask? You can feel free to share any of these videos, host them on your own blogs and websites or share them on your social feeds. And of course, there is the very simple way to honor Will Eisner: read comics and graphic novels, everyone!

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