Feb 7, 2021

The Comics Cube Channel Recap: February 7, 2021

We're gonna be doing a weekly recap of what happened in our YouTube channel (to which you should subscribe) hopefully every Sunday instead of doing a post on each now.

To start, on January 23, Duy, Paul, and Ben each counted down our five favorite Spider-Man artists.

Then Maria Laura Sanapo joined the show to talk about drawing fierce women, like Zatanna, Wonder Woman, Red Sonja, Vampirella, Betty and Veronica, and the revitalized Golden Age superhero Miss Fury, with Billy Tucci.

Michael Penick talked about the artistic process and also about his comic on Kickstarter, Recovery Inc., starring Mia Raven, the thief who became a detective who became a thief.

Then Sal Abbinanti talked about comic book art history and his comic on Kickstarter, The Hostage, about a medieval spirit in Brazil who gets summoned by children in poverty to take care of their problems.

Bruno Redondo, who is doing the new Nightwing run with Tom Taylor, discussed his visual approach to Nightwing and setting him apart from previous Nightwing runs (and from Batman).

Then Duy, Paul, and Lizzy reacted to the Sandman casting news.

And Ken Quattro joined the show to talk about his book, Invisible Men: The Trailblazing Black Artists of Comic Books, perfect for Black History Month.

And finally, Ben, Joe, and Justin ranked the top 10 X-Men characters of all time.

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