Feb 7, 2021

Spider-Rama: Amazing Spider-Man #142

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by Gerry Conway, Ross Andru, Frank Giacoia, and Dave Hunt

Spider-Man vs. Mysterio! Except Mysterio is dead? And so is... someone else?

BEN: The return of Gwen Stacy?

DUY: JJJ is revealed to be bankrolling the new Mysterio Daniel Berkhart (an old friend of Quentin Beck's) and he runs off to Paris. This is also not the last time Berkhart will replace an already established villain.

BEN: Wait, Ned and Betty weren't married yet?.

DUY: Why is MJ crying? They're not close.


BEN: Sizing each other up.

DUY: Love it. Good dynamics.


DUY: Peter is really dumb sometimes. Batman wouldn’t fall for these tricks.

BEN: First of all, Danny Berkhart sounds like the name of a ‘70s teen idol. But what was it about Spider-Man villains that writers are always trying to replace the guy inside the cool costume?

DUY: The next guy he would replace isn't going to be as cool, but that's like, way later on.

BEN: The next guy Danny Berkhardt would replace?

DUY: Yes, he's gonna be someone else later on.

BEN: Does he replace Eric Forman on That 70s Show?

DUY: No, that guy didn't have facial hair.


BEN: Two things. No way he doesn’t notice that camera on his chest sooner, and Mysterio would not know about Mindworm.

DUY: Yeah, there's no way Mysterio would know about Mindworm or even Morbius, really. Those aren't public enough. Were they trying to make Mindworm a thing? I will point out the Jackal is in there, and if I remember right, that's going to be a thing because Mysterio wouldn't know him either. But it's undercut by Mindworm being there.

BEN: Stop trying to make Mindworm happen.


DUY: Okay, if Ditko was the master of motion and weirdness and Romita was the master of just putting out a classic Spider-Man image, Andru has been the master of perspective play.


DUY: J. Jonah Jameson, because this is the funniest he's been the entire Conway run.

BEN: Seems like he finally got a handle on him.

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