Dec 14, 2020

Spider-Rama: Marvel Team-Up #27

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by Len Wein, Jim Mooney, and Frank Giacoia

Spider-Man and the Hulk vs. The Chameleon!

BEN: The previous issue of Marvel Team-Up had The Human Torch team up with Thor against Jinku and the Lava Men. (I looked up Jinku to see if it was his first appearance and surprisingly, it was not.) It didn’t have Spidey in it, so we skipped it, as is our policy.

DUY: It was not long ago that The Hulk was just the antagonist in Amazing Spider-Man.

BEN: “Bird-nose” reminds me of Solomon Grundy on the Justice League Unlimited cartoon.

DUY: "Bird-nose" was an intentional choice in the JLU episode "The Terror Beyond". It was supposed to be a tribute to the Defenders, where Grundy was Hulk, Dr. Fate was Dr. Strange, Aquaman was Namor, and Hawkgirl was Nighthawk.. To a stretch, Wonder Woman was Valkyrie and either Superman or Amazo were supposed to be the Silver Surfer. I imagine one of them's supposed to be someone else, but I'm not too familiar with the Defenders. So yeah, at this point, Hulk is on the outs with the Defenders, a team known for being made up of superheroes who wouldn't normally be team members.


BEN: I don’t know who made the cover but the Spider-Man is not good. I like the Hulk a lot more. Mooney did a quality job on the interior pages.

DUY: It's got a fairly good ending for a 70s comic.

BEN: The Chameleon’s face has always been a mixture of cool and creepy to me. Odd that this is only his fourth appearance considering he was Spider-Man’s first villain.


BEN: Nice Ned Leeds is going to go away soon, once he and Betty start having problems. I will miss nice Ned.

DUY: The cover is horrible. Is Spider-Man in front of that guy? Behind him? Where's the perspective on that thing?


BEN: I’m not a Hulk expert, but would the Chameleon even know about Rick Jones?

DUY: Additionally, I know I keep complaining about the Chameleon's ability, but at this point, he's really just a master of disguise. How does he impersonate Rick Jones who is smaller than him?


BEN: Mine:

DUY: Mine:


DUY: That Joey guy.

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