Nov 13, 2020

The Comic Book History of Animation: Fred Van Lente Interview

Fred Van Lente returns to the Cube to talk about The Comic Book History of Animation (00:00:20), the play King Kirby (co-written with Crystal Skillman) (1:06:06), and his stint on Spider-Man: Brand New Day (1:10:00). 


Read Fred Van Lente's stint on Spider-Man:

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Arthur S. said...

Fred van Lente has certainly become a little more extreme in his views.

Like around the time BND was winding down he said this:
"One of my favorites I did was the #605 story of Mary Jane solo. I never really got the appeal of the character until I started writing her, and she's so tough, self-deprecating and fun, I can see why the readers fell for her. And in that issue I worked with Javier Pulido for the first time, who knocked the Sandman arc out of the park."

Whereas now he makes it sound like MJ was someone he was forced to write.

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