Nov 11, 2020

Spider-Rama: Marvel Team-Up #22

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by Len Wein, Sal Buscema, and Frank Giacoia

Spider-Man and Hawkeye vs. Quasimodo!


BEN: I still love classic Hawkeye, such a jerk.

DUY: And as the movies have shown, Hawkeye is really this accurate.


DUY: I guess naming the disfigured robotic villain "Quasimodo" doesn't age well, because the Quasimodo most people know is from the Disney movie and he's lovable.

BEN: Hawkeye’s costume has to be here because the movies didn’t use it, with good reason. However, I still prefer this costume myself, as gaudy as it may be.

DUY: I love Hawkeye's costume and I think it works excellently in a two-dimensional line art setting. If the movies can somehow find a way to make the Wolverine costumes work (and it hasn't), I think it can figure out Hawkeye's.


DUY: Hawkeye uses a back quiver, and according to this website, a back quiver can hold up to 24 arrows. However, from the start of the story, not including the flashback, Hawkeye fires 10 arrows. But by the end of it, his quiver is still clearly full. And how do they stay in the quiver after getting knocked around so much?

BEN: It’s like when someone in a movie fires 12 rounds out of a shotgun.


BEN: Mine:

DUY: Mine:


DUY: Defaulting to the guest star, here, so Hawkeye.

BEN: Hawkeye, because they were obviously trying to carve out a place for him in the universe at the time.

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