Nov 13, 2020

Spider-Rama: Giant-Size Spider-Man #1

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by Len Wein, Ross Andru, and Don Heck

Spider-Man meets Dracula!

DUY: This version of Dracula was created for horror comic The Tomb of Dracula, which debuted in April 1972, just a few months after Morbius, and just a few months after the Comics Code Authority allowed characters and beings from previous literary works (previously, vampires were not allowed). This was supposed to be separate from the rest of the Marvel Universe, but the sales potential was too high and this was the first of those crossovers..


BEN: Unfortunately, this scene is very relevant to the present day.

BEN: Bravo, that was a great reveal, and thought-provoking.

DUY: Spider-Man's unconscious sexism is a thing that will continue to be a thing up until the Into the Spider-Verse movie.


BEN: You’ve already fought a vampire (and werewolves) before this moment, Pete.

BEN: Machine Gun Kelly is a terrible present-day rapper.

DUY: Machine Gun Kelly was named after a serial killer, so there is a reason for this, but yes, that hasn't aged well.


BEN: I could no-prize this, but still, he found a ship in the middle of the Atlantic in 15 minutes.

DUY: Why not drain them instead of simply killing them? Dracula is wasteful.

BEN: That's a helluva coincidence.

DUY: Technically, Maxfield didn't fall out of the sky.


BEN: Mine:

DUY: Comics never shoved gender politics down your throats.

BEN: No, never.


DUY: Dr. AJ Maxfield.

BEN: I’m giving this to Wein. I’ve been negative about him in the past, and I was fully expecting this comic to be a chore, but it was quite good..

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