Nov 30, 2020

Spider-Rama: Amazing Spider-Man #137

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by Gerry Conway, Ross Andru, Frank Giacoia, and Dave Hunt

Harry Osborn has kidnapped Mary Jane, Aunt May, and Flash Thompson!

BEN: Villain appearance count:
  • Doctor Octopus: 17
  • Green Goblin: 13
  • The Kingpin: 12
  • The Vulture: 9
  • Kraven the Hunter: 8
  • The Lizard: 7
  • Mysterio: 6
  • Professor Smythe/Spider Slayer: 6
  • Hammerhead: 5
  • Sandman: 4
  • Molten Man: 4
  • Electro: 3
  • The Enforcers: 3
  • The Rhino: 3
  • Man Mountain Marko: 3
  • Silvermane: 3
  • The Chameleon: 3
  • The Schemer/Richard Fisk: 3
  • The Ringmaster: 2
  • Scorpion: 2
  • Shocker: 2
  • The Beetle: 2
  • Morbius: 2
  • The Gibbon: 2
  • The Man-Wolf: 2
  • Jonas Harrow: 2
  • The Kangaroo: 2
  • The Jackal: 2
  • Tarantula: 2
  • Green Goblin (Harry): 2
DUY: I just realized, Liz never met Gwen. We're only allowed one blonde each time.

BEN: Ironic she returns to the series during Harry’s big breakdown. (They get married later, spoilers.) Too bad she got saddled with him.


BEN: This is a much smoother way to tell May to stop worrying, but I still appreciate Gwen telling her off before too.

DUY: MJ telling May off nicely was definitely a conscious choice by Conway.

BEN: This is actually a clever way to resolve the secret identity problem.

DUY: That's a great final panel too. Conway loved his ambiguity. But I get that everyone just thinks Harry is insane, yeah, but what if he actually provides proof?

BEN: What proof does he have?

DUY: "Check his closet, here's when he's not home." or "Check under his shirt."


DUY: Nope, so much for your good cover streak. Kane would provide some good covers, and I would guess they were heavily art directed and inked. This is not one of them.

BEN: Kane managed to be a part of some legendary Spider-Man comics, which is why he’s considered an important part of the character’s history. Unfortunately, he was the worst aspect of all of those comics.

DUY: I give all the credit of 121 and 122 now to Romita inking, since we've seen unfiltered Kane.

BEN: On another note... First of all, Jonah is smoking in a hospital. Second, he and Robbie took a whole morning off for MJ, who they barely know? Third, Liz looks great. Fourth, those should be marijuana leaves on her pants. 

DUY: Why is Flash on this list of people closest to Peter, and really, a nuclear bomb???

BEN: Nolan stole this for The Dark Knight.


BEN: Okay, Conway has gone to this well way too often recently.

DUY: It's funny how the Goblin mask takes on the same shape regardless of whether it's Norman or Harry wearing it.

BEN: Why is Harry being carted away if he’s not in costume? As far as the cops know, Peter invaded his home.


BEN: Damn straight:



DUY: Gonna go with Spider-Man himself. It's a good showcase for him.

BEN: Liz's pants.

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