Nov 29, 2020

Bill Sienkiewicz 3-Hour Career-Spanning Interview

Bill Sienkiewicz and Duy Tano had a three-hour conversation that covered a lot of his career, including the influence of Neal Adams (1:05), breaking into Marvel with a portfolio of DC characters (13:15), putting Moon Knight and himself on the map (16:59), the alternate universe where he gets into DC instead of Marvel first (22:39), inking over Jim Aparo and Sal Buscema on Batman and Spider-Man (29:37), learning from Doug Moench (36:58), why Duy couldn't find more Bill Sienkiewicz work when he first discovered it on the cover of The Dark Phoenix Saga (45:40), changing the face of comics with the New Mutants (46:59), thoughts on Jim Shooter (55:35), working with Chris Claremont (1:03:20), and working with Frank Miller on Daredevil: Love and War and Elektra: Assassin (1:09:55), how he decides on which style to use for any piece (1:32:15), working with Alan Moore on the unfinished Big Numbers (1:40:25), whether he got in trouble with the government for Brought to Light (1:56:42), clears the air about him, Art Spiegelman, and the melting pot of comics (2:01:04), Voodoo Child: The Illustrated Legend of Jimi Hendrix, and how he was personally recommended by Will Eisner (2:12:00), his work for various musicians like EPMD, Kid Cudi, Bruce Cockburn, and Roger Waters (2:20:04), working with Neil Gaiman on the Delirium story for Sandman: Endless Nights (2:24:11), inking Denys Cowan (2:28:20), his portraits of people who have passed away (2:33:50), the butt challenge (2:39:19), how he is as a writer and what's up with Stray Toasters (2:44:17), how he thinks of his legacy in relation to other artists (2:50:56), and what's up for the future (3:03:50)

Buy Bill's work here:
Moon Knight: New Mutants: Elektra: Assassin: Daredevil Love and War: Dune: Big Numbers (what there is of it): Brought to Light: Voodoo Child: The Illustrated Legend of Jimi Hendrix: EPMD: Business as Usual: Kid Cudi: Man on the Moon: The End of Day Bruce Cockburn: Charity of Night: Sandman: Endless Nights: The Question: The Many Deaths of Vic Sage: Stray Toasters: Bill Sienkiewicz: Revolution:

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