Sep 23, 2020

Spider-Rama: Marvel Team-Up #15

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by Len Wein, Ross Andru, and Don Perlin

Spider-Man and Ghost Rider vs. The Orb!

BEN: First appearance and origin of the freaking Orb!

DUY: In other news, whether he's Peter or Spidey, Spider-Man remains the only guy in the universe capable of making riding a motorcycle uncool.


BEN: Not only does this comic have the best co-star yet, one of Marvel’s greatest characters the Ghost Rider, but it has the Orb. The Orb!

DUY: Peter having unconscious sexist biases is a thing even in Into the Spider-Verse. Why is there SJW propaganda in my modern comics.... in the 1970s???

BEN: Plus, the Orb!

DUY: I'm surprised they didn't call him The Eyeball.

BEN: That's racist.


BEN: Johnny performs in his stunt show as the Ghost Rider?

DUY: Is mind control a thing? I feel we saw it once in Stan's entire run (the Ringmaster) and now we've seen like 10 of it.

BEN: I wonder what was in the zeitgeist about mind control.


DUY: The cover. His name is Ghost Rider, Peter, he's not going to "die".

BEN: Yet another cover that doesn’t reflect anything from inside.

DUY: I'm really getting annoyed at how quickly the endings come in these issues.

BEN: I’m guessing not a lot of time was spent on them, in any capacity.


BEN: I don’t know why Mary Jane is standing like that but I find it appealing:

DUY: The image of Ghost Rider holding a contract is hilarious.

BEN: Sign here for termite insurance.


BEN: All of us, because of the greatness of this comic. Pure unfiltered greatness.

DUY: Ross Andru, whose art I think is starting to come together.

BEN: You accidentally forgot to mention how great it all was.

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