Jun 1, 2020

Spider-Rama: Amazing Spider-Man #110

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by Stan Lee and John Romita Sr.

Spider-Man vs. his greatest villain ever.... The Gibbon.


BEN: First appearance of the Gibbon!

DUY: Yaaaaaaaaay.


BEN: Hidden messages:

DUY: All kids somehow become who they are in relation to their parents. And that's just me saying that Peter Parker is just as bad as Aunt May. 

BEN: Gwen definitely should have broken up with him by now. And I don't like Marty’s self-esteem here, but I do like the sentiment that Spider-Man can’t possibly have it as bad as he says he does

DUY: You mean to say Spider-Man may be into self-pity a bit much?


BEN: I have to say, Peter is unbearably melodramatic and self-absorbed in this one, and a bit of a dick to Marty too.

DUY:  This is Scott Summers levels of melodramatic.

BEN: He didn’t leave his wife and kid for his resurrected first girlfriend, but it’s close.

DUY:  Scott Summers moaning how ugly he is to Nightcrawler, melodramatic.

BEN: That's a fitting comparison.


We already did this “I decided to just develop animal agility” thing with The Kangaroo.

DUY: So, just no-prizing it..... Marty is a mutant, right?

BEN: That would be the modern explanation. Back then it would be “what’s a mutant?” Because the X-Men initially failed, you see? 

DUY: No, Peter, this would not break your hand.

BEN:  I think he crushed that same pipe with his hand in his origin story. 



DUY: I love that she says it to him on-panel:

BEN: Is that the first time? We should be tracking this stuff.

DUY: This is in fact the first time it's ever said on panel to him, and of course she's unconscious.

BEN: So he’s been living this long without an “I love you” return?

DUY: He's said things to her like "love of my life" and stuff, but I don't think they've said the exact sentence to each other on panel. I imagine they have said it off panel though. Restrictions are weird. I don't think Thor and Jane or Thor and Sif ever kissed under Jack Kirby. Peter never kissed anyone under Steve Ditko, and it still took a while under John Romita.


BEN: Gwen Stacy is perfect in this, which is highlighted even more by everyone else being unbearable.

DUY: Only Gwen is good in this.

BEN: Gwen may have cried a lot in those days, but she was still consistently the best part of the comics.

DUY: That's it for Spider-Rama today. 

BEN: Thank you, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko— 

DUY: —for telling us we aren't the only ones. 

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Daniel said...

Your mention of the Kangaroo led me to think "These guys should get together." Then I discovered that they DID, in Spectacular Spider-Man #246. Gibbon, Kangaroo, Grizzly, and Spot (!?!), and Spidey labels them the All-Losers Squad. Maybe only one in a hundred readers would get that, but I'm one of them, and I laughed out loud.

Er, I guess that's not really relevant to complementing you on your usual fine work deconstructing #110.

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