Apr 12, 2020

Spider-Rama: Amazing Spider-Man #72

Welcome to Spider-Rama! Every day until the end of April, Ben and Duy will look at a Spider-Man issue from the very beginning, in chronological order, and answer questions for various categories, inspired in large part by one of our favorite podcasts, The Rewatchables by The Ringer. Our goal is to make it to Amazing Spider-Man #200. Will we make it? Grab your Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus or crank up your tablet to Marvel Unlimited, and then tune in every Wednesday to find out!

by Stan Lee, John Romita Sr., and Jim Mooney

The Petrified Clay Stone Tablet is now with Captain Stacy, but not for long because here comes the Shocker!


BEN: Villain appearance count:
  • Doctor Octopus: 9
  • The Kingpin: 9
  • Green Goblin: 8
  • The Vulture: 7
  • Mysterio: 6
  • Kraven the Hunter: 5
  • Sandman: 4
  • The Enforcers: 3
  • The Rhino: 3
  • The Lizard: 3
  • Professor Smythe/Spider Slayer: 3
  • The Chameleon: 2
  • Electro: 2
  • The Ringmaster: 2
  • Scorpion: 2
  • Molten Man: 2
  • Shocker: 2

DUY:  I'd say the entire issue aged pretty well. It was entertaining, compact, and the dialogue didn't even seem all that dated. The fact that the stone tablet is still going is pretty modern in its execution. It's like the main plot, except it's more like a device to just carry over from one arc to another.

BEN: I remember the Comics Buyers Guide doing a list of the 1000 must-read comics, and the “Stone Tablet Saga” was included. And I was going to put the Shocker’s meticulous efforts to not harm anyone too much in the worst category, but I think it fits his character. He’s a thief, he doesn’t want a murder charge.


DUY: The Shocker's power is officially called "Vibro power" and I laughed, because I am 12 years old.

BEN: Pulsating power.

DUY:  Peter's so possessive:


DUY: This is a city full of superheroes, Gwendolyn.

BEN: How often does Flash get leave from a combat zone? He’s been home twice already and it’s probably only been several months in fictional time..


DUY: Gwen is a sight for sore eyes:

BEN: One of the few scenes that doesn't show her at death's door:


DUY: You know, I'll say Shocker. He's got pretty good depth for a 60s supervillain, and he was pretty competent.

BEN: I'll say Ghost Rider.

That's it for Spider-Rama this week.

BEN: Thank you, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko—

DUY: —for telling us we aren't the only ones.

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