Mar 18, 2020

Spider-Rama: Amazing Spider-Man #65

Welcome to Spider-Rama! Each Wednesday, Ben and Duy will look at a Spider-Man issue from the very beginning, in chronological order, and answer questions for various categories, inspired in large part by one of our favorite podcasts, The Rewatchables by The Ringer. Our goal is to make it to Amazing Spider-Man #200. Will we make it? Grab your Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus or crank up your tablet to Marvel Unlimited, and then tune in every Wednesday to find out!

by Stan Lee and John Romita Sr. and Jim Mooney

Having passed out fighting the Vulture, Spider-Man is taken to prison, where a riot ensues once they take George Stacy hostage!


BEN: “Gwen Stacy cries” consecutive issue count: 6.

DUY: Jim Mooney takes over as Romita's inker.


DUY: So I don't know if it's the context of the last few issues being bad, but I loved this issue. The whole idea of Spider-Man breaking out of jail and pulling a big con on the other criminals is clever. The art is a huge improvement. The cover looks really good and might have made me buy it off the rack if I'd seen it then. Jonah is Jonah.

BEN: It’s nice to see both Captain Stacy and Robbie sticking up for Spider-Man, two of his biggest supporters. Mooney on inks has improved the quality of the art. Romita has clearly been doing rough layouts.

DUY: So it was definitely Heck that was bringing it down for me significantly. The story was already not that captivating prior, but in addition to everything, I didn't even like looking at the art. Jim Mooney has come on a couple of times now and it's much better and makes it easier to look at.

BEN: Poor Don Heck, we’ve been very unkind, but also fair.


DUY: Mary Jane Watson, maybe if your friend is going through hell, you reach out instead of making fun of him.

BEN: She’s being as ugly on the inside as she is the outside. (Direct your hate mail to Duy).


BEN: With all the time Spider_man has been unconscious in the prison, I’m fairly certain someone would have peeked under the mask at some point.

DUY:  May Parker says "You've never kept things from me before!", but Peter has. Like all the time.

BEN: That's a parent thing though, believing that.

DUY: Point.


BEN: Mine:

DUY: It's not often that I say that a classic comic made a great color choice and sets a mood effectively through color, but this one did it. And it has Jonah.


DUY: As with last issue, the real winner is us, as readers, for getting this book back to the level of "good."

BEN: I’d like to thank ourselves for this prestigious award, and no one else. We’ve done it completely alone. It’s been a lot of hard work, but if anyone deserves it, it’s us. The glory is entirely ours.

DUY: I'll take it.

BEN: Let us celebrate with the consuming of alcohol.

DUY: That's it for Spider-Rama this week.

BEN: Thank you, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko—

DUY: —for telling us we aren't the only ones.

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