Oct 9, 2019

Spider-Rama: Amazing Spider-Man #46

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by Stan Lee and John Romita Sr.

The debut of The Shocker!


DUY: First appearance of the Shocker.

BEN: Peter moves in with Harry.

DUY: I wonder if the move has something to do with Ditko leaving. It feels like this would be something the fans would want, and Stan would want, because it's partly growth and it partly gets May out of the way, but it feels like Ditko would have fought it. Also, I'm confused. Is Harry supposed to be the cool guy?

BEN:  I think he is.

DUY: Do you think they succeeded in making him the cool guy to readers in the 60s?

BEN: The Fonz was cool right? Harry asking Peter to move in with him was a pretty sly strategic move on his part. They’re not very close at all yet, but Harry can see that for some reason Peter is a chick magnet, and makes the right call

DUY: He's also the smartest kid on campus, so there's the idea that Harry will look cool next to him. But again, is Harry supposed to be cool? He's got the car and the money. That's usually the makings of the cool character in a college movie, right?

BEN: I think he’s supposed to be cool, because every other rendition of him in movies or cartoons makes him the cool one, they’re just doing a terrible job of it here.

DUY: I asked this because I was watching Spectacular Spider-Man, and he's basically Milhouse in it. But Gwen is not traditionally "pretty" in it either.

BEN: Sure, find the one version that contradicts me. I feel like, at minimum, Harry is rich and rich kids always have friends, even if they’re a Milhouse.

DUY: James Franco isn't cool, he just looks cool compared to Tobey Maguire.

BEN: Wait, did Franco Harry actually date Mary Jane in that movie?

DUY: I don't think so?

BEN: I think it seems like he didn’t because it was a massive betrayal, but he totally did.


BEN: The Shocker’s costume is somehow both bad and cool.

DUY: Gwen Stacy dancing when Peter isn't looking, and getting his attention without her knowing it, always feels realistic to me. Like you notice your crushes more in the casual moments.

BEN: Everything they do is fascinating.


BEN: The dialogue is really quite awful.

DUY: It's so dated, in a way I don't think I've ever seen anything from the 60s so dated. The ending where he mopes about how he possibly lost the capacity for happiness, makes me want to strangle his emo teenage self.

BEN: I love you Stan, but this is hard to read. Romita has a much more appealing style to me, but it’s marred by this nonsense.

DUY: I don't like how Romita made him bulkier. I guess I do prefer Ditko's weird-looking Spidey to Romita's more classic-looking Spidey, but a bulky Spider-Man is just weird to me.


DUY: This is the second issue in a row where Harry just runs into Peter on the street while he's driving. This is impossible, I don't care what era of New York it is.

BEN: Let’s assume he was stalking him.

DUY: That adds a whole new layer to this whole run.


DUY: There's a scene where Harry is driving Peter away, and in the foreground there's a black cop. We're only a few issues away from Robbie Robertson's introduction.

BEN: That is prominent. And for mine, Mary Jane is too easy:


DUY: It's hard to pick a winner for these generic issues, but the fans, because Aunt May is going away for a while.

BEN: We need a spinoff miniseries of May and Anna. But it's not hard to pick, because it's Gwen.


BEN: Peter's acting job to fool Patch has always stuck with me.

DUY: It's a nice touch, but... really contrived.

BEN:  It’s ridiculous, which is maybe why I never forgot it.

DUY: That's it for Spider-Rama this week.

BEN: Thank you, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko—

DUY: —for telling us we aren't the only ones.

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Filipe said...

Great of reviews you both are doing here!

I've been reading the series from the start in Marvel Unlimited and funny enough although I've always said I prefer Ron Frenz and Dikto portait of spider-man for being skinnier I actually found Dikto's having a bulkier look than I remembered. I believe even bulkier than Romita but it might be related to the perspective of reading on the smartphone

The dialogue is what I love most here! They're so funny!

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