Mar 6, 2019

Spider-Rama: Amazing Spider-Man #9

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by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

Spider-Man’s most shocking new villain, Electro!


BEN: First appearance of Electro. First bed-ridden Aunt May needing medicine.

DUY: First explicit acknowledgment that Peter may have an anger problem, which I think you can see manifesting in previous issues (including Amazing Fantasy 15), but it's the first time someone (Betty to be specific) actually says it.

DUY: This is the second time Peter the photographer does something unethical.


DUY: This is my first ever Ditko comic, and I think it aged pretty well.

BEN: The first one you ever read?

DUY: Yes.

BEN: I can't remember mine, but I assume it was Amazing Fantasy.

DUY: They were doing Spider-Man Classics in the 90s, and it was the first one I saw. I was a mark for Electro.

BEN: I know I got the first volume of the masterworks eventually. It was so exciting, reading those early comics for the first time.

DUY: Is Max the first Spidey villain who isn't a genius or even smart?

BEN: Sandman.

DUY: I'm wrong on that one too. Max isn't dumb here at all. That comes later.

BEN: He has a lot more uses of his power here, than I ever remember him having.

DUY: He even has a lab. A very spacious lab.

BEN: This goes back to our previous observations, but this issue really hammers home how Peter ignoring his classmates (because he’s justifiably preoccupied) makes him seem like an asshole worth picking on.

DUY: Seriously, if you're in high school and someone acted like that, you'd ignore him too.


DUY: Spider-Man not interfering with burglars would have dire consequences ever since they remembered Uncle Ben. Whenever that is. Anyone doing this story now would have those burglars responsible for something because he left them alone.


DUY: Of course Max knows who JJJ is, because JJJ is a famous person.

DUY: Spider-Man announcing he's got a spider-sense isn't a good idea, and would eventually stop being a thing.


DUY: Spider-Man with tiny little rubber slippers and rubber gloves is funny.

BEN:  I like the idea of Electro thinking “screw it, I’ll just shoot him.”

BEN: It reminds me of when the Scarecrow inexplicably had a gun in The Wizard of Oz.


DUY: I'm gonna go ahead and say Electro. It's a pretty cool debut for someone who would end up being so small-scale.

BEN: Electro and his dazzling debut.


BEN: What are your thoughts on Electro’s classic costume, and if it can work in the modern era considering how goofy it frankly is?

DUY:  I love the costume and I think attempts to remove the mask have been silly and made him look less threatening. There's a period in the 90s where he just didn't wear the mask, and it was just this dude with a receding hairline and the regular costume, and there's the stint during Brand new Day where he scarred his face in the star shape. I think Brian Bendis handled it really well in New Avengers:

BEN: I prefer the original obviously. I might be willing to accept a less goofy version if any of the new designs weren’t so terribly bland.

DUY: That's the thing, everyone keeps trying to make it better, but none of the ones they have made have actually been better. Maybe if they gave him a more menacing hairstyle.

BEN: That's it for Spider-Rama this week.

DUY: Thank you, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko—

BEN: —for telling us we aren't the only ones.

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Doc Thompson said...

I think Jamie Foxx portrayal was very stupid.Max Dillon,like many Stan Lee villains was supposed to be an arrogant dick.Making him sympathetic was stupid.

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