Nov 28, 2018

Daughters of the Dragon: A Review

On November 14th, in the year 2018, Marvel released Daughters of the Dragon as a digital-only new release comic book.  It was written by Jed Mackay and penciled by Travel Foreman.  I had many thoughts about the comic.

Daughters of the Dragon: A Review
Ben Smith

The writing and the art were superb, but the real appeal of the comic is the inclusion of Colleen Wing.  Yes, it’s obvious that a Daughters of the Dragon comic would feature Colleen, I’m merely stating what longtime Cube readers already know, which is that my love for Colleen runs deep.  So deep that my therapist has suggested that my obsession with her is “unhealthy,” whatever that means. 

What’s wrong with finding the idea of a woman with a sword appealing?  Just because I find the idea of a woman as a samurai martial-arts master that could definitely give me a savage beating with her bare hands, doesn’t mean it’s some sort of weird sexually deviant fixation, no matter what my wife might tell you.  You coerce her into dressing up in a white jump suit and force a sword into her hand one time, and all of a sudden I need professional help.

All jokes aside, Colleen is a wonderful character, and she’s arguably never had more potential than at the end of the second season of Netflix’s Iron Fist television series, where she earned the power of the Iron Fist.  The show added a fantastic aspect to the character, by suggesting she’s the descendent of Wu Ao-Shi, the Iron Fist of 1545, colloquially known as The Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay.  Sadly, we’ll never get to see Colleen use her newly earned superpower, as the show has since been cancelled.

I think we’ve covered all the stories possible from the perspective of the straight white male.  At this point in my life, I find the glimpses of fandom I get from my real life friends of a different gender, or of a different racial background, much more interesting than yet another opinion from a person with the same general life experience as myself.  That goes double for fictional entertainment, where different perspectives have never been as exciting and interesting as they are right now.  So the idea of a super powered Colleen as the co-star of a third season was extremely appealing.  Alas, as of this writing, it is not to be. 

However, a new Daughters of the Dragon comic is a worthy substitute, and hopefully we’ll get to see more stories about Colleen from this creative team, because I really enjoyed this story. 

Oh, and it has Misty Knight too.  She’s pretty great also.

But Colleen.  Colleen may not be the hero we deserve, but she’s the hero we need.  Like I said before, hopefully we get more.

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