May 31, 2018

A Brand New Home for the Happiest Place on Earth

Nope, not Disneyland.

A Brand New Home for Comic Odyssey
by Migs Acabado

We all have our favorite comic book shops. There's always that one store that makes us feel loved and happy. In my case, Comic Odyssey has always been my favorite comic book store in the country. I've been getting my weekly stash of comics from them for more than a decade now. This store has been my haven. This is where I run to whenever I want to unwind.

Let me tell you how I discovered this fantastic shop. During my late grade school up to high school days, I bought my comics from Filbar's and a store called Skybucks, which used to be located in a mall near our place. Filbar’s rarely sold comics during that time, so it was actually Skybucks which stood out in becoming my go-to comic store. In the latter years of Skybucks, I noticed that the price tags were marked with the name “Comic Odyssey.” While I had already been aware of the store’s existence (My uncle bought me a Wizard magazine from them.) since early high school, I wasn't sure why the comics available in Skybucks had their tag, and I wasn't going to check, since their original store used to be located in Robinson's Ermita, which is very far from our place.

It was October 2007 when I first visited Comic Odyssey Galleria. They were still located at their original third floor site then. I was at my dad’s office and was looking to buy some comics. Skybucks was still active during that time. While I was there my younger brother noticed that some of the staff are from Skybucks.  I figured they were just under one umbrella, and eventually discovered that Sandy Sansolis, Comic Odyssey’s owner, used to manage Skybucks in its final years.

In January 2008, my sophomore year in college, Skybucks closed down. I felt sad, but I already knew where to go to get my comics. I went back to Comic Odyssey to buy the first issue of Amazing Spider-Man: Brand New Day and the conclusion of Ultimate Spider-Man: Death of a Goblin. I was surprised that the staff knew me. They also asked me that I can reserve my books online, which I agreed to do and I still do up until now. That was the start of the great memories and moments I had with the store and its staff. Comic Odyssey not only provides great comics/graphic novels; they also host events like inviting comic book creators for signing events and giving free comic books during Free Comic Book Day.

In early 2012 due to the changes established by the mall, they transferred in the basement part of Galleria. The store size was almost the same but the events were rarer, with most taking place in their new BGC site on the top floor of Fully Booked. If the Galleria site is where I spent my college life, the Fully Booked site is where I spent most of my early-late 20s life. Both have a special place in my heart.

Around last year, I learned that they were aiming to move back in the third floor. I was so excited when I heard the news. They finalized the move in April. Comic Odyssey just became bigger and better.

The new store looks so good. They now have a bigger graphic novel/manga section:

A bigger new/current release section:

And the local comics section is bigger as well:

There is also a section for Funko Pops and action figures, a brand new section for NBA cards and the much loved 50- and 20-peso back issue bins. Comic book events also returned in the store. They had a grand opening event in April and participated in Free Comic Book Day.

Comic Odyssey not only gave comics.  IIt also gave me good memories and made me gain new friends. I am excited to make new memories with the brand new site despite life getting in the way. I’ll keep coming back for more.

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