Mar 12, 2018

Johnny Storm’s Addicted to Twin Peaks

There's a nutshell description, a sell for every character in fiction, from made-for-TV movies to monthly comics. But especially with serial fiction, there are developments that fly in the face of those nutshell sells. The backstory or interests that, when you stop to think about them, make the character different, and refreshed. Harry Potter is, by the middle of the series, a wealthy, blessed, beloved-by-his-teachers jock at the top of the only sport his school cares about. That sort of thing. Lolita is a lonely scared rape victim.

Johnny Storm’s Addicted to Twin Peaks
Travis Hedge Coke

Captain America is an artist from Brooklyn who got beat up all the time.

Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, was addicted to Twin Peaks.

Iceman, Bobby Drake, can be crazy racist and used to make jokes about being gay, and being his friends’ lover, named "Lance," before finally coming out.

Patsy “Hellcat” Walker’s mom, sold her daughter, Patsy’s soul to the Devil, in exchange for a small media empire.

Here’s how Clark “Superman” Kent talks to lazy police:

Dagwood Bumstead of Blondie fame, was fantastically wealthy and he gave it up (and went on a hunger strike) to marry his beloved, the title character of the strip.

Batman villain, Bane, is a voracious reader, but his lack of normative life experience (he grew up in a a maximum security prison as a prisoner), means he misunderstands the politics and social dynamics of much of what he has read.

T’Challa, the Black Panther, has a white brother and, Wakanda was openly soliciting visits, concerts, and performances by great artists and thinkers from around the world since the latter part of his father’s reign.

For all his fatherliness, the first version of Splinter, raised the Ninja Turtles explicitly as a small army to get revenge for him.

The Thing holds several advanced degrees. He just also has an accent, speaks in regionalisms, and is best friends with a super-genius.

Emma Frost read Beast’s mind, when he was publicly claiming to be gay, but only confirmed that he had never had a physical relationship with another man, stopping short of confirming him straight.

Often appearing the adult in comparison to her partner, May Hopkins, Gunsmith Cats’ Rally Vincent is also a teenager, pretending to be in her mid-twenties.

Memory issues aside, Wolverine is well-versed in early 20th Century writers and painters, from Hemingway to Picasso.

Vision once declared himself to not be a white man, as he is not human, and his skin is bright red. An issue later, he created a human disguise to live more comfortably; a white man.

Reed “Mr Fantastic” Richards, leader of the Fantastic Four, listens to Bob Dylan and reads Clive Barker.

Before becoming a superhero, Captain Marvel was an Air Force pilot, spymaster, and for a time, head of security at NASA.

As a teenager, Sue Storm encountered and survived an attack by Dracula.

Bruce Wayne had living, and monied family when he was orphaned. None of them took him in and he was, ultimately, raised by the family butler.

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