Dec 8, 2017

A Star Trek-Sized Coincidence

In the 1920s, American novelist Anne Parrish was going through a bookstore in Paris when she found a copy of Jack Frost and Other Stories, a book she loved as a child. She opened the book and saw an inscription that said "Anne Parrish, 209 N. Weber Street, Colorado Springs."

Yes, it was her book.

That's a coincidence, but the strange thing about life is that it's full of coincidences. Take Cube friend Rich Handley for instance. Rich, head of Hasslein Books, relates the tale:

Something crazy happened today--in a good way. Let me tell you a story....
:::insert wavy-line flashback effect:::

Eleven years ago, I did something I regretted: I sold my complete set of the old Star Trek Fotonovels. Why? Because I happened to mention online that I had them, and someone immediately offered me $300 for them. Three hundred dollars? Heck, yeah.

So I sold them... and them thought, "Wait, why the hell did I do THAT?" They're Star Trek comics, but made from episode stills. I am an avid Trek comic collector--in fact, I had every issue and strip going back to the beginning, in 1967. So how stupid was it that I sold these? That meant I now had a hole in my collection, one that would not be easy or cheap to fill--and, in fact, I never did because those books are EXPENSIVE. Like I said, I've regretted it ever since.

:::insert wavy-line flash-forward effect:::

OK, now jump ahead to last week. A set of all 14 books showed up on eBay for $60. I figured "What the hell?" and bought it, happy in the knowledge that I had not only replaced the set, but made $240 in profit from my previous lapse-in-sanity sale.

But that's not the crazy part. This is:

The books arrived in the mail today, and when I opened the package, there was a handwritten card thanking me for buying them, signed with the name "Judy." I suddenly had a very strong sense of déjà vu. No one ever sends personalized thank-you cards to those they deal with on eBay, yet here I was, convinced I'd received a card just like this in the past--and connected to the Fotonovels, in fact. I couldn't shake that feeling. So I looked at the name on the return-address label, and I recognized it.


Because this was the SAME person who bought my books eleven years ago... for five times what she was now selling them for on eBay! In other words, I don't have mere replacements--I have my ORIGINAL set of books back, plus a $240 profit. I can only hope Judy never realizes this. I'd imagine the resultant facepalm would knock her unconscious.

Isn't that insane?

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