Nov 19, 2017

5 Reasons Why the Justice League Movie Rocks

Miguel just watched the Justice League movie recently and despite its negative reviews, he fell in love with the movie. For him, it is one of the best superhero movies that came out this year. Here are...

5 Reasons Why the Justice League Movie Rocks
by Migs Acabado


1. The story is very straightforward.

I heard casual fans complain that the story wasn’t good enough. I disagree with that. If you are familiar with the first appearance of the League in comics and also the first episode of the animated series, it is pretty much the same with the movie. An alien invading/destroying our planet and the League saves the day. If you also check the first Avengers movie, the story is pretty much the same. It is a superhero movie.

2. Every character was given a chance to shine.

Before I saw the movie, I was skeptical with some of the characters because they haven’t had any solo movie before and their cameo in last year’s Batman vs Superman doesn’t give too much excitement in my part. I was wrong. We have a good Cyborg, a bad-ass Aquaman and a very funny Flash. Though I wished that the Flash should have been Wally West instead of another Barry Allen. Ezra Miller’s character reminds me of the Wally West Flash in the Justice League animated series. The big 3 of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman had their shining moments too but the good thing is the story did not solely focused on them.

3. There is no overpowered Batman.

I am a Batman fan. I always look forward to his screen time in the movie. But I was hoping that since he is the most popular member of the league, they should not make him overrated and have him beat everybody, and that wish came true. They handled Batman very nicely. He did not kick Steppenwolf’s ass and was not given any godlike gadgets.

4. Superman saves the day.

Cavill has been portraying Superman for a number of years now and he was doing so-so job before this. However, he did great in the movie. I finally felt that he is Superman. From the Man of Steel up until BvS, I always felt that he is just an alien because of his lack of emotion in portraying good ol’ Supes. But in this movie, he had a bit of improvement. It is still far from perfect but I am happy with the improvement.

5. They finally gave us a DC movie that we deserve.

For years, DC movies were criticized of being too dark and trying to replicate Christopher Nolan’s style for the Dark Knight Trilogy. With this film, the mood was a departure from their previous movies (with the exception of Wonder Woman). I would not say it’s light and very Marvel-like, but it is fast-paced, very enjoyable, and full of hope. From start up until the mid-credits and post credits scene, it was executed greatly. You can’t help but to root for the heroes.

Fans should stop comparing DC movies for the Marvel movies. Do not make Marvel as a basis when watching a DC movie. DC is way different from Marvel, and Marvel movies are not perfect as well. Let the movie stand on its own and you’ll be able to enjoy it, I guarantee. Lastly, fans should stop these Marvel versus DC thing because in the end, we the fans benefit from what they produce.

Justice League is a great movie. Period.

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