Mar 26, 2016

Comics Fans Don’t Matter For Comics Movies

Comics Fans Don’t Matter For Comics Movies
Travis Hedge Coke

I’m not going to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in the theater. Many will. Much less may see it the following week, or more will, depending on word of mouth and trusted reviews. Most people I know, don’t care one way or another if I see it, but from other comics fans, I’ve heard that I have to support it for the sake of future comics movies. That I have to see it to stay informed, especially if I’m going to keep writing here. Don’t I want to see Batman and Superman fight?

And, see, that’s the thing, really. I have seen Batman and Superman fight. I’ve seen them fight multiple times. I’ve seen them team up multiple times. That’s not a sell for me that’s going to work.

It’s live action?

I read comics. I watch cartoons. I read prose. I listen to music. I like expressionist and impressionist paintings and symbolist poetry. Movies are cool, but “it’s live action,” doesn’t impress me. How much of that live action is CGI or touched up in processing, anyway? It’s not like I can smell the bat-cape and feel the wake of Superman’s supersonic flight. Live action isn’t any more real than a comic is.

I need to support comics-based movies? Why? Are they going to come take away my Crow and St Trinian’s DVDs if I don’t see this movie?

I was too vague up above, perhaps, because it’s not comics fans who think I need to support this or we won’t get another Spider-Man movie, it’s fans of superhero comics (who lack perspective). I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure the release of a new Lupin III movie or Luc Besson’s Adele Blanc-Sec or upcoming Valerian adaptations probably aren’t greenlit or pulled from production based on how well a Batman movie does. For all we make of the dramatic eight years between Batman and Robin and Batman Begins, during that time, people were being paid, constantly, to pitch or craft other Batman movies, and there were four animated feature films released direct to video during the same time, as well as comics, shirts, and six video games. Batman and Robin, even as the low bar, is still widely available for purchase now.

“The fans” not supporting a major production like BvS isn’t going to change anything. Certainly not the comics fans, who are an extreme minority in terms of Batman or Superman fans.

So, why should you go see the movie?

Do you want to? If the answer is “Yes,” then go see the movie.

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