Mar 23, 2016

10 Wonder Woman Covers by Brian Bolland

Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice is out here in the Philippines in two days, and as much as the buildup to it and the trailers haven't been to my tastes and as much as I've never liked anything that director has done, I do have to say Wonder Woman, as played by Gal Gadot, looks awesome. I'm rooting for her in this movie, in part to shut up a bunch of sexist dicks on the internet, but also because this is Wonder Woman's first time on the big screen. I went through, a while back, all the common reasons given as to why Diana didn't have a movie, and also went issue by issue on the Wonder Woman reinvention by my favorite creator ever, George Perez.

So now I'm just going to treat your eyes, because in the mid-90s, Wonder Woman's covers were drawn by maybe the greatest cover artist (meaning his covers outnumber his interiors) of all time in superhero comics, Brian Bolland. So I picked 10 Bolland covers from his run and am putting them here. Enjoy!

Wonder Woman #0: Let's start with Bolland's take on an iconic image: bullets and bracelets. Dynamic stuff.

Wonder Woman #91: The first time Diana loses her costume and Wonder Woman identity to Artemis of the Bana-Mighdall has a cover that shows them fighting. In the age of pin-up covers, a cover like this looks great and tells us what's in the comic.

Wonder Woman #97: On the other hand, here's a pinup cover that still shows you what's in the comic.

Wonder Woman #88: And sometimes all you need is a guest star, and the pinup cover can show him, even when he has a terrible mullet.

Wonder Woman #63: Here's a pinup cover that was Bolland's first. It still works in context because the title had been on hiatus for a few months.

Wonder Woman #94: I like this one because it shows Diana in her non-Amazon costume and she's fighting two awesome supervillains, Cheshire and Poison Ivy.

Wonder Woman #74: Not really sure why I like this, but I do.

Wonder Woman #99: Costume aside, I think it's a powerful image. Having said that, how the hell did her hair just change with her costume? The moment she goes back to her regular costume, her hair's all curly again.

Wonder Woman #78: Cover's eye-catching, and it has the Flash. What's not to love?

Wonder Woman #72: Probably the most famous of Bolland's covers, it's had statues molded after it and may have been the inspiration for those iconic Jim Lee Superman and Batman images, which I'm pretty sure if you Google "Jim Lee Batman and Superman," are the first results.

EXTRA: Here's a cool pinup from Wonder Woman #50.

So there. Go see Superman V Batman: Dawn of Justice and remember four things: Diana is awesome, Superman can toss Batman into outer space in the blink of an eye, Ben Affleck will be the best Batman since Adam West, and Frank Miller himself has admitted that he'd have never written Superman the way he did in Dark Knight Returns if it had been a Superman story. And Diana is awesome.

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