Dec 17, 2015

Wishlist: Non-Marvel/DC Comics That Should Be Movies or TV Shows

Recently, I was asked what non-Marvel or DC properties I'd like to see as movies or TV shows. I don't actually watch many movies or TV shows, but I can't deny there are some things that I either want to get a wider exposure, or things that I'd like to see with music added or with actual motion. So, here they are.

Explorers of the Unknown

There is an Archie TV show in the works, but I've always been a fan of Explorers of the Unknown, which in the Archie Universe is a series of novels about a team that just really strongly resembles the Riverdale gang. The adventures of Red, Angel, Nitro, Squint, Wheels, Gizmo, Spike, F/X, and Blaze would be a way to get the Archie gang up on the big screen and still pack it with action and adventure.

Neil Young's Greendale

Greendale was originally a concept album by Neil Young that he turned into a comic, a play, and yes, a movie. But all three of those things had different enough narratives. I love the comic so much, and it's my favorite thing Cliff Chiang has ever drawn, that I would like to see it moving one day.


Presto! Bandette is delightfully camp, wonderfully funny, and incredibly charming. This series about a thief with a heart of gold in not-Paris has got cartoon written all over it.


The adventures of Princess Adrienne, who's all about taking her own fate into her own hands, and her friends would offer a good alternative to Disney Princesses (not that I have a problem with those) and the lesson of learning to rely on oneself would provide good role models for young children, girls and boys alike.


I like Westerns, and Jeff Marriotte and John Cassaday took the genre and infused it with the supernatural at the turn of the millennium. It's hard, it's gritty, love is unrequited, and anyone can die. The Western genre may not dominate the cinema anymore, but it's no reason not to make a movie.

The Phantom

I first encountered the Phantom in the 80s cartoon, The Defenders of the Earth, which is really just the King Features superheroes (Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Mandrake, and Lothar) put together. The Phantom was my favorite, since he was the badass (and I'd also find out later he was a legacy hero, which I am a sucker for), but he also had a power that the others didn't: the ability to call on the strength of 10 tigers. The next time I saw the Phantom was in the Sunday comics, and although he's been in some American comics over the years and the star of a Billy Zane 90s movie that's not as bad as it's made out to be, he hasn't been big in the American comics circles since Lee Falk created him in the 30s. Still, a Phantom movie would be intriguing and a good international seller, since the Phantom is apparently huge in a bunch of countries, like Australia and Scandinavia, the latter of which he's second in comics popularity only to Donald Duck.


If you don't know who he is, Supreme is an Image Comics character who is basically Superman. And I want a Supreme movie because Warner Brothers refuses to give me a Superman movie I actually want to see.

Charles Barkley vs. Godzilla


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