Nov 5, 2015

Hey Marvel, Can We Get Spidey Sundays in a Hardcover?

For 12 issues of Amazing Spider-Man in 2010 (#634-645), two pages each issue were given to comic book legend Stan Lee and the spiritual successor to Steve Ditko, Marcos Martin. They were called Spidey Sundays, and were created in the spirit of old-school full-page Sunday strips (kinda like DC's Wednesday Comics, except in landscape format). It was a silly little story in which two criminals from our world (named "Brain" and "Bull." Don't overthink it.) who jump to the Marvel Universe and run into Spider-Man, who wants to create a time machine. Every installment basically has Spidey running into someone else, and is just an excuse for Marcos Martin to cut loose with his sense of design and layouts. I was trying to look for scans, and this Pinterest page has all the art without the dialogue. I present them to you here (click to embiggen):

Just from a visual design perspective, my favorite ones are the third one with the cutaway of Peter Parker's apartment, the fourth one with the entrance of the Green Goblin that has your eye go down first and then go back up counterclockwise, and the one with Doctor Octopus, which uses his arms as the panel borders.

Marvel would collect these issues in the trade paperback Spider-Man: New York Stories, which collected some of the one-off stories in Spidey at the time, and then again in its own single issue, Spidey Sunday Spectacular. Still, I think it's just such a visual treat that it should be in an oversized hardcover. It's the kind of comic that's just really pretty to look at. I'd love to have it on my shelf.

So hey! Marvel! Can we get Spidey Sundays in a hardcover? You know you want to.

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