Nov 12, 2015

Hey Marvel, Can We Get No One Dies in Hardcover?

So last week, I was talking about Spidey Sundays the 12-week strip Stan Lee and Marcos Martin did in 2010 that was incredibly silly and pretty, so much so that I want Marvel to rerelease it in hardcover format just because it would look really nice on my shelf.

So while I'm making requests, can I also get Amazing Spider-Man #655, "No One Dies" in hardcover?

"No One Dies" is a comic that exemplified why, until very recently, I was still buying single issues (certain constraints and Marvel's relaunches have made me switch to trade paperbacks). It truly is a work of art that stands on its own. The eighth issue of Dan Slott's "Big Time" era on Spider-Man, it was a marked departure from the tone Slott set for the preceding seven issues, which were more lighthearted. However, since this depicted the funeral of Marla Jameson, J.Jonah Jameson's wife, the mood was decidedly more somber.  The first half of the book is completely silent, which is a bold choice especially for a Marvel-style (plot first, dialogue when they get the art) writer like Slott, because it may not showcase his more tangible skills as a writer such as dialogue and narration, but it's also the correct choice because Martin's art just shows you everything you need to know.

Each scene bleeds right into each other, too. These two pages follow each other.

The second half of the issue is an elaborate dream sequence that requires you to turn the comic sideways at times, and is quite surreal, disturbing, and creepy.

And Escheresque! Did I mention Escheresque? So pretty. So beautiful.

In my mind, it's the best thing on a technical level, and perhaps even on an emotional level, that Dan Slott has ever written, and may be as close to perfect as any issue of Amazing Spider-Man ever got. The issue that follows is technically the continuation of the story, but really, this one issue stood on its own. It's the kind of comic that should be given to artists to inspire them and to get them to try new things. It's just beautiful.

So, hey, Marvel, can we get this to stand alone in hardcover? If IDW can do it for GI Joe's Silent Interlude, you can do it for this. Thanks!

 In the meantime, you can read the comic in this trade paperback, Matters of Life and Death.

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