Oct 22, 2015

Wishlist: Comics People Who Should Return

I was recently asked which people in comics I wish would make a comeback. My initial answer was Steve Skroce, who was my favorite Spider-Man artist of the mid-90s and who, I truly believe, would have been one of the greatest Spider-Man artists of all time if he'd had a longer run on the character and if he'd had more memorable stories to work with. He seemed to me to be the perfect mix of Steve Ditko's weirdness, Todd McFarlane's contortions, and Mike Wieringo's expressiveness.

Turns out, though, Skroce came back to comics three months ago with We Stand on Guard, written by Brian K. Vaughan. So I had to think of other people.

Before I get into the list though, here are my two ground rules:

  • These people have to be alive, so no Jack Kirbys or Carl Barkses.
  • These people have to not be doing comics altogether, and not just not-doing-comics-I-want, so no Steve Ditkos or Alan Moores. I can, however, pick people who are writing comics that I wish would draw again, or vice versa.
So anyway...

Kerry Gammill

Kerry Gammill is my favorite Superman artist of the 90s. And if he does come back to full-time work, he doesn't have to stick to Superman. I just wanna see Kerry draw.

Karen Berger

The third most important American comics editor of all time, I just want to see what kind of comics line she'd be able to give us, and which creators would jump at the chance to work with her. Would she go ahead with an all-new mature line? Would she surprise us with a new children's line a la Scholastic? Would she just diversify as much as possible? I need to know!

Mark Schultz

Schultz is still writing comics here and there, but I really miss his art. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs/Xenozoic Tales had a great, 50sish, EC-like feel to it, and I'd like to see that adapted to the modern day.

Alan Zelenetz

I've written about Zelenetz before. The dude wrote a bunch of Thor and Conan stuff, among other things, including their What If...? crossover. I still think he had a lot of potential, and would like to see what stories he could have given us if he'd stuck around.

Don Rosa

Don Rosa can't actually do a full-time book anymore because of eye problems, nor does he really want to do anything other than Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge, but damn it, I want to see more Rosa comics! He's gotten offers over the years from publishers like Bongo, who does The Simpsons comics, and I'd like to see what he can give us.

Bill Watterson

And if you don't know the deal with this, here it is.
What? I wanna see the greatest cartoonist of all time back. The dude can still draw. Wouldn't you?

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Reno said...

Rodolfo Damaggio.

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