May 25, 2015

Legion of Super-Heroes: Forgotten Juggernauts, Part 8

Legion of Super-Heroes – Forgotten Juggernauts
Part 8 – Lantern Rings and Shape-Shifting Things
Ben Smith

The Legion of Super-Heroes is one of my favorite teams in all of comics. I’ve been writing about the Legion of Super-Heroes for several weeks. You should read my stuff, and then you should buy and read Legion of Super-Heroes comics. You should be our sponsor. For, as the prophet Ice Cube once said, “Life ain’t nothing but bitches and money.”

Let us continue.

Adventure Comics #521
Writer: Paul Levitz; Artists: Geraldo Borges and Marlo Alquiza; Editor: Brian Cunningham

Earth-Man and Shadow Lass convene with Dyogene outside, who is re-determined to find a bearer for the Green Lantern ring. He bypasses them both and enters Legion headquarters, much to the chagrin of Shady. (Shady comes from a warrior culture, which is why she is attracted to Earth-Man.)

Is it gender-biased of me to always refer to beings like Dyogene as males? It is? Oh well.
A team of Legionnaires respond to a natural disaster incident in Africa. Wildfire and Dawnstar, split away from the rest of the team, track the incident to its source.

Dyogene, with the help of Cosmic Boy, reviews the Legion roster, and then confers with each team member to either offer, or decline to offer, them to accept the ring. Finally, Mon-El is the one that accepts the responsibility. (Mon-El is the good Superboy, so I fully endorse him taking on the additional power of a Lantern ring.)

Dawnstar and Wildfire continue their search into space. There, they are struck by a mysterious blue light, knocking out Dawnstar and destroying Wildfire’s containment suit.

Mon-El says his goodbyes to Shadow Lass, and then flies off to assume his duties as the Green Lantern of sector 2814.

I’m not entirely sure if the Legion was selling enough to justify taking over the main story of Adventure Comics at this time, or if they promised Levitz, or they had no better plans, but I’m all for it. Legion four times a month, I always say. Or I could possibly say. I’m not ruling it out.

Legion of Super-Heroes #8
Writer: Paul Levitz; Pencilers: Yildiray Cinar, Daniel HDR; Inkers: Wayne Faucher, Bob Wiacek; Editor: Brian Cunningham

Colossal Boy and Dream Girl are trying to learn what they can from RJ Brande’s private secretary, Pheebs, when they are attacked by the Durlan assassins.

Tellus has retrieved the comatose Dawnstar, and taken her to Medicus One for treatment (from longtime Legion physician, and eternally payment conscious, Doctor Gym’’ll).

Colossal Boy and Dream Girl continue to fight off the Durlan assassin. It does not work out so well for Pheebs. Earth-Man and Shady arrive as reinforcements.

Brainiac 5 and Chameleon Boy head for Durla. Chief Zendak arrives to speak with Cosmic Boy about his failure to save Brande, and surprises him by morphing into his true Durlan form and attacking.

Earth-Man and the others finish off the assassins outside. Inside, Cosmic Boy, Invisible Kid, Element Lad, and Cosmic Boy defeat the remaining Zendak Durlan.

Element Lad and Cosmic Boy tally up the votes for the new Legion leader, with the recently departed Mon-El receiving the most votes, and Brainy receiving the second. (I voted for Brainiac 5.)
I remember Levitz saying this result of the fan votes really threw him for a loop, as he had just basically written Mon-El off the team by making him the Green Lantern, but that’s what makes the voting so fun. I also like that they had Brainy voting for himself.

Adventure Comics #522
Writer: Paul Levitz; Artists: Geraldo Borges and Marlo Alquiza; Editor: Brian Cunningham

A transport bound for the prison planet of Takron-Galtos (I love that there is a prison planet) is attacked by Sun Killer (think Sumo wrestler mixed with Age of Apocalypse Sunfire).

On Medicus One, Tellus and (longtime Legion character) Chief Cusimano look on at the still comatose Dawnstar. Cusimano needs Dawnstar to wake up so they can use her tracking ability to find the missing (and unknown to them, dead) Chief Zendak. Cusimano is notified about the Sun Killer’s attack, and contacts the Legion for assistance.

Sun Killer is attempting to free Saturn Queen, and physically threatens the crew to release her from her bonds. Green Lantern Mon-El arrives on the scene, and they fight.

Sun Killer uses his radiation powers to create red solar rays, bringing Mon-El to his knees. Dyogene senses the presence of an ancient deadly adversary, in the form of a flying blue baby.

Having more important things to do, like fight flying blue babies, Dyogene gives Mon-El a little green light boost, and he ends the conflict swiftly.

If you don’t like flying blue babies, or radioactive sumo guys, you really don’t like superhero comics.

Legion of Super-Heroes #9
Writer: Paul Levitz; Artists: Yildiray Cinar and Wayne Faucher; Editor: Brian Cunningham

Brainy and Chameleon Boy arrive on Durla, where there is much posturing between the off-worlder Cham and the Durlan greeting party. Cham pulls out his “eggson of Brande” trump card, and that gets some traction with the locals. (Or as Brainy remarks, “curiously effective.”)

My goal is to now refer to myself as “eggson of Smith” in the very near future.

The two of them question the Durlan’s over the recent assassination attempts, and they take Cham to meet with the speaker, while Brainy is required to stay behind. Brainy is curious about the mentions of Brande’s money being used to help rebuild Durla. (Durla was involved in the “Six Minute War” which is often referred to in the Legion books. I love the idea of six minute long wars, and flying blue babies.)

At the United Planets council meeting, Timber Wolf and Tyroc stand by, hoping to sniff (or sound) out any assassins before they can attack. Surprisingly, RJ Brande appears before the council, alive and well.

Chameleon Boy tries to reason with the Durlan leader, that Brande would not want them to murder anyone in his name, while Brainy tries to reason out what is really happening here.

Chief Cusimano still needs Dawnstar’s power to try and locate the missing Chief Zendak, but she remains in a coma. Tellus offers to use his telepathic power to tap into her ability, which nearly overwhelms him with its scope.

After trying to locate any paths Zendak might have taken, Tellus returns to his own mind with the bad news that it does not appear that Zendak survived the attack.

Tyroc uses his power to ascertain that the Brande in attendance is a fake, and the Durlan assassin is forced to reveal his true form. They fight, and the assassin is forced to retreat.

Brainiac 5 defies Durlan orders, and interrupts Chameleon Boy’s meeting to take him home. Using his deductive powers, he has determined that they have ignored the first rule of detection, “follow the money.” The answer they seek is back on Earth, with Brande’s eggsister, Chameleon Boy’s aunt (who is also the woman who raised him).

Legion of Super-Heroes #10
Writer: Paul Levitz; Artists: Yildiray Cinar and Wayne Faucher; Editor: Brian Cunningham

Cosmic Boy notifies Mon-El that he has been elected as Legion leader and should return.

Mon-El is reluctant, due to his duties as Green Lantern, but agrees when reminded that if he doesn’t return, Brainiac 5 will take command as deputy elected leader.

Brainy returns from Durla just in time to hear their insults, but luckily he’s “hard to offend.” He relieves Cosmic Boy of command and begins issuing out orders to all the Legionnaires.

The Legion Espionage Squad (Phantom Girl, Chameleon Boy, Chameleon Girl) investigate Brande’s home. How great is it that there is a Legion Espionage Squad? A lot of their concepts are fun in the way that they sound like they were created by a 13-year-old, and that’s because most of the time they were.

Brainy lets Cosmic Boy in on his theory about the money. The Espionage Squad is identified as intruders by the house defense system. Cham’s aunt arrives and attacks them.
Dawnstar finally wakes from her coma, and immediately leaves to seek out the entity that attacked her.

Cham fights and defeats his aunt one-on-one. Long story short, she was after Brande’s considerable fortune, to use to help rebuild Durla. She killed Pheebs for access to Brande’s systems, Zendak to alter Science Police credit transfer monitoring programs, and the councilor to distract the Legion.

Thus ends the Durlan assassins storyline. Can’t say it was the best Legion story, but average Legion is still better than just about anything else. Including Batman and Superman. And Asterios Polyp. I’m pretty sure Asterios Polyp gave me polyps. That book may kill me yet.

Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #1
Storytellers: Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen; Inkers: John Dell and Scott Koblish; Editor: Brian Cunningham

Legendary Legion of Super-Heroes creative team Levitz and Giffen reunite to tell a done-in-one tale of the latest woman to become enthralled to the Emerald Eye of Ekron, and become the new Emerald Empress. Lightning Lass and Shrinking Violet happen to crash-land on her planet of Orando, prompting Sensor Girl to assist, as she is the absent princess of that planet. They manage to separate the girl from the Eye, and it flies off into space. Projectra (Sensor Girl) decides to stay behind and do what she can to help rebuild Orando.

I may have originally gone into this book with unrealistically high expectations, because I remember being really disappointed. And I hadn’t even read all that much of Levitz and Giffen Legion by that point. I like Giffen. Not like Duy, who weirdly hates his work. Anyway, it’s a fun read, worthy of your time and money. And it gave us this Legion History board game.

Let’s keep this party going, more Legion next week.

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I'm one of the biggest LSH fans around but this whole run was so forgettable to me. Thanks for reminding me what happened!

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