Apr 16, 2015

Why Daredevil Is Better than Batman

Netflix's Daredevil has been a huge success, and part of the discussion about the show has centered around his similarities and differences to Batman. One of the things I found interesting was that in lieu of debate about whether or not the show was good, there was instead a debate on whether or not it was ripping off Christopher Nolan's Batman or getting right what Christopher Nolan got wrong. So, with all that in mind, I thought I'd give you an incredibly objective and absolutely 100% correct view of....

Why Daredevil Is Better Than Batman
by Duy

1) Daredevil has had none of the advantages Batman has had in his life. He's not rich, he was trained by one old blind guy, he has one weapon and it's essentially a double stick, and to top it all off, he's blind. Batman, on the other hand, had a lifetime of the best kind of training money can buy, has a bunch of gadgets, a butler, and the support of the police commissioner. And yet, their success rates in their respective zones of protection are about the same.

2) Daredevil's secret identity, lawyer Matt Murdock, is complementary and paradoxical to his costumed identity, in the sense that Daredevil does what Matt can't. It's possibly Shakespearean. Bruce Wayne's money makes the fact that he's Batman look like he's one giant arrested-development child. Not at all Shakespearean.

3 Batman dresses up like a bat. Daredevil actually has radar (which doesn't count as an advantage, because it makes up for his blindness, and I say it doesn't count).

4) TV Daredevil has a bunch of awesome action sequences. He could kick movie Batman's ass.

This guy begs to differ.

5) There is no "Dare-Cox" voice the way there is a "Bat-Bale" voice. Although now that I mention it, I kinda wish Charlie Cox yelled out things like "SWEEEEEARTOOOOMEEEEEE!!"


6) Daredevil led to the creation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Batman led to the creation of Batman Jones.

7) Batman's always letting Catwoman and Talia get away with big crimes just because they're hot. Daredevil doesn't let Elektra get away just because he has the hots for her.

They just get away on their own. So not the same thing.

8) Daredevil don't need no sidekicks.

Mainly because he probably knows this would happen.

9) Daredevil wears a red costume, and he has the word "red" in his name. Does Batman have "black" or "gray" or "blue" in his name? No. No, he doesn't. He can't even be clever about it.

Also, also, also, you can split his name up and it'd say
"Da Red Evil." "Batman" splits up to become "Ba Tman."
What's that even mean?

10) Ben Affleck, one of the most iconic actors of his generation, starring in such classics as Good Will Hunting, Chasing Amy, Dazed and Confused, Armageddon, and Phantoms, has played Daredevil. Ben Affleck has never played Batman.

And so, dear Cube readers, there's the 100% correct and objective view as to why Daredevil is better than Batman. We hope you enjoyed this article and come back for more.


Mark said...

Plus Daredevil lives in a real city.

Unknown said...


Batman has:
1. Better villains
2. A more iconic origin story
3. A more established mythology
4. A living breathing environment (Gotham)
5. The ability to fit into any sort of story and can be presented in multiple contexts; try putting Daredevil in an Avengers story and it feels out of place, but Batman in a JLA story and it feels natural.

Duy Tano said...

1. Daredevil has Stilt-Man.
2. Anyone's origin would be iconic if multimedia threw it down our throats for decades.
3. You're right... so did Julie Madison really exist, or not?
4. Hell's Kitchen is a real place.
5. Daredevil can switch tones at the drop of a hat. Light Batman and Grim Batman aren't the same character.

Anonymous said...

This is funny. But a little bit of comicbook history for folks. Without Daredevil, Batman fans would never have gotten Year One or The Dark Knight Returns.

In the last 70s, Marvel had given penciling duties to this unknown artist. His name was Frank Miller. Daredevil was then experiencing low sales, taking his opportunity Miller asked Marvel to let him write for the character. From the late 70s to 80s Miller would turn Daredevil into one of Marvel's most successful titles. He took DD out of his Silver Age roots and doubled down on the gritty, violence and action. Making Murdock into a complicated but fascinating character in the process. His amazing run caught the eye of DC Comics that they offered him a deal to publish Ronin and work on Batman. But before Batman, modern Batman ever went dark and gritty... Daredevil got there first.

Anonymous said...

@Ramsey Zeitouneh Daredevil is ACTUALLY IN the Avengers.

Unknown said...

I don't see him in the current roster. I know he's been there before, but it's always felt odd to me. Like he doesn't belong there.

Oh, and the whole Daredevil was dark and gritty before Batman thing is a complete myth. Ever hear of Denny O'Neill and Neil Adams? Yeah, they were taking Batman back to his dark and gritty roots in the 60s looooong before Miller came onto Daredevil. In fact, Miller wrote Daredevil because he wanted to write Batman. Marvel editors back in the day told him to tone it down in some cases because he was making Daredevil TOO much like Batman.

Unknown said...

Actually I think you need to brush up on your history, dude. O'Neill and Adams were bringing Batman back to his dark and edgy roots before Miller ever touched Daredevil. They reintroduced Joker as a psychopathic serial killer (which is actually how he debuted) in 1971. They created the Leavue of Assassins in 1968 (over a decade before Miller created The Hand) and then brought in Ra's and Talia in '71. Miller's DD run didn't come until '79. The notion that Miller created "the modern dark and edgy Batman" is a complete myth. O'Neil/Adams had already accomplished that two decades prior and over a decade before DD.

Also, Miller was himself an unabashed Batman fan and actually used DD as a vehicle to tell stories he wanted to tell on Batman. Marvel's editors even had to tell him to reign it in because he was making them too similar. So, if it weren't for Batman, Miller would never have been inspired to do his DD and DD would have faded into obscurity.

Unknown said...

haha the last one doesnt work cause now we have Batflek ahah

but Daredevil is so much better, simply because he actually has character development. he does what he can in the legal system and only goes outside it when he cant do anything else. Batman could actually use his money to take away poverty, increase jail security, mental rehab programs etc... but no he doesnt cause he likes beating on people. He's kinda perverted but its not even used to give complexity to his character....

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