Feb 14, 2015

Lovers on Covers

Lovers on Covers
Pop Medicine
Travis Hedge Coke

Just in time for Valentine’s, fourteen covers, fourteen couples, and fourteen situations, at least five of which anyone reading this has probably been through (and if you’re industrious, you’ve experienced all of them). Deliberately skipping anyone (Spider-Man) hugging a tombstone, or kneeling at a grave or dead body. That happens, too, but I’m not gonna dwell on it today. Today is happy love, maybe some cheesy cheating or crazy standoffs. No graves.

1. When everything is going to hell, but you both have each other and fantastic hair.

2. When even the dopiest things they do intensely delight you.

3. When you’re both total badass superheroes and you know it, but to everybody else you’re just a couple of dorks on a stroll.

4. When there are telltale signs you’ve been up to stuff, but you’re riding a high and don’t notice.

5. When it’s you and them against the world, but only one of you actually has a gun.

6. When they find the one thing you’re not good at, at all, and stand there making you do it, which you do, because love.

7. When you’re both total badass superheroes and it shows.

8. When you’re both seriously into it and someone’s going to ruin your fun.

9. When you both know you shouldn’t, but you will.

10. When you are a couple in your head, but they just don’t get it.

11. When it’s over, you hate each other, you’re making the kid close his eyes, but they’re still really really awesome and hot and whoa. But you’re not gonna show it.

12. When the one holding the umbrella is not the one walking fast.

13. When you can’t help getting showy and silly because they are next to you, doing the same.

14. When you’re both deep in the middle of something, but you each know the other can handle their business themselves.

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