Nov 6, 2014

Twenty Things Comics Have Taught Me Repeatedly

Twenty Things Comics Have Taught Me Repeatedly
Travis Hedge Coke

As it says, here are twenty things comics keep fighting to teach me, with some of the dodgiest example excepts I could find:

1. Five to thirty words and dodgy phrases in six or seven languages.

2. Gender isn’t particularly important. Whether or not you’re a star or a weather pattern, is.

3. First impressions are nothing to go by, but second or third are, so don’t put up with repeat abuse

4. Nobody can always do everything, but you do what you can.

5. The importance of research.

6. Things don’t have to make immediate sense (from your perspective) for them to be.

7. Don’t be so stubborn it hurts you.

8. The best way to sort your problems is to monolog them to yourself as eloquently as possible.

9. People become whiter for television.

10. Empathy is important. You never really know how other people are within themselves.

11. When you like someone, you tell them.

12. Eventually everyone gets superpowers, everyone gets a romance, everyone gets a moment to shine.

13. It’s important to let things go.

14. Try new things.

15. How others feel about you is less important than how you feel about yourself.

16. Asterisks are awesome.

17. There’s always people out there who think you’re entire identity is a set of funny clothes.

18. The audience’s level of maturity is often more important than the level shown in the entertainment.

19. Design flaws can be fixed in the months to come.

20. Novelty is good. Shock is overrated.

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