Oct 2, 2014

Preview: Fallen Ash #3

The third issue of the excellent fantasy comic, Fallen Ash, by Kimberly Smith, Benjamin Bartolome, and Samantha Gungon, is now out on Comixology! Go buy it!

Kindle users can also get it from Amazon!

I cannot emphasize how good Fallen Ash is, and not just because my friends work on the book. There have, in fact, been times that have taken me by complete surprise, as I had no idea they had that high a level of quality in them. There's a four-page sequence in the third issue that really resonated with me, and kind of pisses me off that I seem to have misplaced that issue. That's as high praise as I can give to anything.

We live in the true Golden Age of comics, where just about everything from any era is easily available and anyone can make comics given equipment and a means of distribution. But the downside to that is that there is also a lot of competition and a lot of good stuff gets lost in the crowd. If you enjoy fantasy, forests, fighting, and gripping characters, you'll like Fallen Ash. Promise.

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