Jul 24, 2014

Fallen Ash #2 Is Out Today!

The second issue of Fallen Ash, the fantasy comic about the residents of Aldergilt, dealing with the loss of their warrior, Ash, is out on Comixology today! In case you missed my interview with the creators, Kimberly Smith, Benjamin Bartolome, and Sam Gungon, have no fear! I've got you covered right here.

Here's some preview pages to get you guys amped up! Just click on each image to see a larger copy.

The first issue of Fallen Ash has received some excellent reviews from BleedingCool and Comic Book Resources.

You can download the two issues at the links below. If you're using a Kindle, the third issue is actually out on Amazon as well, although it's not on Comixology yet:

Fallen Ash #1: Amazon / Comixology
Fallen Ash #2: Amazon / Comixology
Fallen Ash #3: Amazon

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