Feb 13, 2014


If there's a single number in comics that's used a lot, it's the number 13, and since today is February 13, I figure I should talk about it.

The number 13 has many things associated with it, including the idea of bad luck, supernatural superstitions, the reason Steve Nash never won a championship, and why Wilt Chamberlain sucked.
Still, it seems to happen quite a bit in comics. So let's just take some time out of our busy day to look at some comics that use the number 13.

Captain America's most prominent girlfriend, Sharon Carter, Agent of SHIELD, is Agent 13.

The team from Wildstorm most famous for having their female characters somehow get their clothes shredded a lot is Gen13.

Over at Marvel, there's a British government–sponsored team known as MI-13. It's got Captain Britain in it, among others.

Over in Belgium, there's a comic about a man called XIII, who has no memories and is searching for his past.

And over at DC, there's Dr. Terry Thirteen, star of the relatively recent Architecture and Mortality. Dr. Thirteen is a skeptic, meaning he doesn't believe in magic, ghosts, vampires, or anything of the sort (which is played to great comedic effect in Architecture and Mortality, when he's teamed up with a bunch of them.

Dr. Thirteen's got a daughter named Traci, who, unknown to him, has magic powers.

"Traci" sounds like "Trese," the Spanish word for "13," and the Philippines' most popular comic these days is in fact about a supernatural investigator named Alexandra Trese.

 Actually, a Trese/Dr. Thirteen crossover would be awesome, just because their concepts are such polar opposites.

Any other significant uses of the number 13 in comics? Leave a comment!

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