Feb 23, 2014

Artists in Weird Places: Carl Barks' Happy Hound/Droopy

In Artists in Weird Places, we'll look at times when artists have stepped out of their comfort zone to do something different. Click here for the archive!

Carl Barks, known for most of his life as "The Good Duck Artist," is, of course, known best for his work on Donald Duck. Most notably, he created Uncle Scrooge. He's one of the best and most important comic book artists of all time.

So I was genuinely surprised to see that Barks did some work on the perpetually melancholy dog, Droopy, for Our Gang Comics back in the day. What's more, this was when Droopy was called "Happy Hound," and he was brown.

So that was also surprising to me: that he was ever anything other than a white dog named Droopy who stood on his hind legs. (Happy Hound seems able to do so, but spends a lot of time on all fours.)

You can read a full Barks Happy Hound story here.
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Anonymous said...

Far more so than any of the other "Barks in Weird Places", this really looks like a Barks comic. Barks often draws weird-looking dogs and dog-people so this isn't too far away from his comfort zone, I guess.

Barks' Happy Hound is probably the most miserable-looking incarnation of Droopy I've ever seen, too.

Facial expressions are probably 50% of why Barks is one of my favorite artists of all time.

-David Lunde Sanchez

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