Oct 17, 2013

Six Thor Characters That Should Show Up in Movies

Thor: The Dark World is coming out soon, so all my articles for October 2013 are about the God of Thunder! Some call it OcThorBer, but I'm just gonna call it Thor Month. This week, we're talking about...

Six Thor Characters That Should Show Up in the Movies
by Duy

One of the things I loved about the first one was its willingness to go all out on the cast. Sure, I already expected to see Loki and Odin in addition to the God of Thunder, but who would've known they'd give a good amount of screen time to Heimdall, Sif, and the Warriors Three (Fandral the Dashing! Hogun the Grim! Volstagg the Voluminous!)?

So I figured, what the hell. If they're gonna be willing to go all out on who shows up, then here are five guys I'd love to see adapted to live action at one point or another!

6. Surtur

We saw Jotunheim in the last movie, and Thor even pointed out to Jane that there are nine "worlds" in the branches of Yggdrasil. One that he didn't mention was Muspelheim, home of the Fire Demons. The ruler of the Fire Demons is the mighty Surtur, who is not only a giant Fire Demon, but also the possessor of the Twilight Sword, which he forged to "raze all that is when the time is nigh." And he's one of the rare legitimate threats that can bring Odin, Thor, and Loki to team up. Now that's a blockbuster-level threat!

5 and 4. Karnilla, the Norn Queen and Balder the Brave

I'm surprised Balder wasn't in the previous movie when Sif and the Warriors Three were. Thor's half-brother is invulnerable even to other Asgardians, and is a friend to all. In early Thor stories, he was the one who usually came to Thor's aid, and eventually he and Sif became Thor's regular fighting partners. He's been a strong enough character to get a small spinoff, which might explain why he's not in the movie when the others are (his presence might upstage Thor). He's pretty uptight and really holier-than-thou, but he and Karnilla also have one of the most screwed-up relationships in comics — and that's fun to watch on screen, right? Right?

Meanwhile, Karnilla the Norn Queen sometimes works with Loki and hates Odin and Asgard, but she just finds Balder hot. That's all she is, and that's all she needs!

3 and 2. Amora the Enchantress and Skurge the Executioner

Amora the Enchantress, the Asgardian goddess who has no equal in matters of seduction, may be the most difficult character to cast since her entire power, to entrance any and all men, hinges on her being universally beautiful. But she'd provide a fun counterpoint to Jane Foster and Sif! She'd also inspire a lot of cosplayers, prompting the "Cosplay is bad and cosplayers are no good" crowd into a frenzy, which I'm all for, because those guys deserve to raise their blood pressure for no good reason.

I count Amora and Skurge as one because until Skurge's death in the mid-80s, they were really a unit, with Skurge being Amora's muscle. Skurge's death is also one of the greatest scenes ever, so any variation of that on screen would be great.

1. Hercules

Hercules, the Prince of Power, is from another pantheon — the gods of Olympus! But where Thor has already learned humility, Hercules still has a ways to go. He's a good reminder of what Thor was like before his exile on Earth, but Hercules makes no apologies for it. He's all about fighting evil, having a good time doing it, and then partying afterwards, all while making sure everyone knows he's awesome. How can that guy not be a great addition to the cast of Thor? Or any movie?


JV said...

My list would've been Gorr the god slayer, Beta Ray Bill, Midgard Serpent, Hela and Ulik the troll =)

Duy Tano said...

I did consider Beta Ray Bill, but I just can't see him working in the movies — I think Thor himself is hard enough to pull off! — and Bill's origin might take up too much screen time away from Thor. I'm with you on everyone else though.

JV said...

Actually the nice thing about Bill's origin is that Thor plays a huge role in it. And considering in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that Thor, like Bill, is an alien, it would make sense for them to cross paths. Hey, it would make for great lead-in to the Surtur Saga which should be adapted for the inevitable Thor 3 ;-)

Duy Tano said...

Yeah, it could work that way, but I'd still be afraid of it essentially turning Thor into a supporting character. Regardless, it'd be great to see if they could pull it off!

JV said...

I think Marvel Studios has learned a lot from the mistakes of other superhero movies, particularly putting too many new characters/sub plots that could sideline the protagonist.

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