Aug 15, 2013

Comics' Biggest Boners: Avengers Unplugged!

Welcome to another edition of Comics' Biggest Boners, in which we showcase some of the biggest goofs and gaffes in comics! Click here for the archive!

And now, your host, 1950s Joker!

Today's Boner was submitted by Travis, and is from Avengers Unplugged #2 by Glenn Herdling and MC Wyman. In it, Graviton's powers have gone haywire, and Deathcry is asked by a little boy to save his kitty, Fluffy. Deathcry refuses, but the next panel has her handing over Fluffy to the kid. Except, well...

Yes, somehow the little boy asking for his kitty has turned into a little girl asking for her teddy bear.

On the same page.

I think it's great.

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