Aug 8, 2013

Artists in Weird Places: Carl Barks' Mickey Mouse and Goofy

In Artists in Weird Places, we'll look at times when artists have stepped out of their comfort zone to do something different. Click here for the archive!

Carl Barks, known for most of his life as "The Good Duck Artist," is, of course, known best for his work on Donald Duck. Most notably, he created Uncle Scrooge. He's one of the best and most important comic book artists of all time.

But he's so known for bringing so much life to that little corner of that Disney Universe that they ended up not crossing over much with the other Disney characters, and Barks isn't known for being "The Good Mouse Artist," or anything else. But in 1945, Barks wrote and drew "The Riddle of the Red Hat," a Mickey Mouse story in which Minnie Mouse buys a red hat that Mickey laughs at. Enraged, Minnie walks away, and Mickey tries to make it up to her. This leads to a wild case of mistaken identity that ends up involving criminals and stolen rubies, and characters like Goofy, Clarabelle, and Peg-Leg Pete!

This is listed as the only official Mickey Mouse story ever drawn by Barks, and may in fact be the only time he drew the non-Ducks of the Disney Universe in an official capacity.

He did, however, draw Mickey's nephews Morty and Ferdie in a Gyro Gearloose story once, mainly to bypass some legal issues.

Details here.

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"The Riddle of the Red Hate" can be found in Mickey Mouse Classics: Mouse Tails:

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