May 7, 2013

Cosmo Cube: Batman and Wonder Woman

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Batman and Wonder Woman
Kimberly Smith

Welcome back to The Cosmo Cube. In this week’s riveting review, I’ll give you a rundown of Batman and Wonder Woman.

There have been soooooooooooooooooooo many Batman and Wonder woman costumes, so I’m going to review the first eight I find. And here we go…


First up, the guy that way overcompensated for being afraid of bats by dressing like one and constantly putting himself in harm’s way. Therapy would have been cheaper and less painful.

My “Holy Hell, What’s That” for Batman is...shiny. I never really saw Batman as the “shiny” type. And speaking of overcompensating... that, um, bat-cup? I can’t say for sure, but I bet it’s misleading. And what’s up with the silver tummy pad? The only thing that could make this costume worse is nipples. (Yikes!)

And up next we have nipples...and lots of fake muscles. And I’m not talking about the overly defined stomach muscles. Look at those legs. Also the cape looks like a black trash bag. (Bad)

Next up is “I hope I don’t ever have to look left or right.” Overall this costume is OK but he’s screwed if someone comes at him from the side. The bat symbol could really use some color or something too. It’s all so (Muah)

Coming in at number 5 is the original Batman series suit. The drawn on eyebrows, the lack of any kind of muscular definition, the spandex... but at least he can move his head left and right. (Classic!)

It’s red, it’s yellow, it’s purple... it’s awesome! How can anyone not love this suit? It looks like Batman got attacked by Skittles. Mmmmmm evil, evil Skittles. (Love it)

Number 3 is pretty cool. Perfect for live action and he can move his head. However, I still say the Bat symbol needs to stand out more on the chest. (Good)

My number 2 Batman suit is one I grew up with. When I watched Batman as a child this is the suit I saw. It’s not as realistic as the current ones but that’s why I like it. Batman is a comic book character. He’s supposed to be a little unrealistic. (Great)

Last but not least for Batman…. The old blue and grey. It doesn’t work so well for live action but it’s perfect for comics and cartoons. (Batman does not eat nachos!)

Wonder Woman

Up next is Wonder Woman. She’s had quite a lot of costume changes over the years and most of them were not so good…

My “Holy Hell, What’s That” for Wonder Woman is of course the 90s jacket/shorts look. Spandex shorts, a bra, a belt and that jacket that so many superheroes had to suffer in the 90s. They even messed up her hair. (Yikes)

Up next is “What the hell is that?” That’s not even a costume. This was before my time so I don’t know if this was a onetime thing or if it lasted awhile but I’m hoping it died quickly. (Yikes)

And yet another “holy hell” one. The costume for the TV series that luckily for us all didn’t make it past the pilot. Not only is it very shiny but blue boots? …No. (Bad)

Now this is more like it. Classic Wonder Woman. I’m glad they changed the skirt later on but the classic is still pretty good. (Good)

Coming in at number 4—yes, I know, this costume got a lot of negativity, and I can understand that—however, I kinda like it. Except the jacket. The jacket is horrible and needs to go. But the rest of it is OK. I wish they had stuck with this shirt. (Good)

Now the next 3 are kinda the same. It’s a more familiar costume. This is the costume I immediately think of when I think “Wonder Woman.”

Number 3. I’m putting this one in at number 3 because I’m not crazy about the belt. (Great)

Number 2. I like this belt better. (Great)

And…number 1. While I still like the belt on number 2 better, the 3 stars on these bottoms wins it for me. (Great)


Bob said...

Sounds like you missed the whole 4-year period (1968-1972) in which the Amazons left Earth for another dimension to renew their powers, and Diana stayed behind, sans costume and powers, as a "mod" karate-chopping adventurer. That era has been collected into four paperbacks:

I guess you've also never seen the 1974 WW TV pilot with Cathy Lee Crosby:

Unknown said...

1968-1972 and 1974 are all before I was born...

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