Oct 21, 2012

Comics Cube Is No Longer Accepting Free Comics for Review

It's with regret that I'm implementing a new policy to no longer accept advance review copies of comics and other related material. In the entire time the Cube has been around, I've received my fair share of complimentary (or comp) copies of comics that are given to me specifically for review purposes. I've decided to discontinue that practice for the following reasons:
  • I am having difficulty devoting energy to them. As you may notice, reviews aren't even the thing I do most. The Cube is structured to contain several kinds of topics, and a lot of the time, reviews are pretty hard to do. ("Hey guys. I like this book. Buy it.") As such, I feel bad when I don't actually end up getting the review up in time (or in most cases, at all) for it to be of any use to readers or the creators (e.g., well after release).
  • I've come to the realization that I can't actually tell you if it's worth the money if I don't actually pay for the book. How can I tell you that you should buy it if I myself didn't?
  • I have a really difficult time reading online copies. I'm not sure why. Somehow information doesn't stick as well as if it's on print, and I often feel like I'm not reading it the way I'm supposed to. It's like reviewing a movie that I watched on my PC and then telling you that you should go pay money to see it in theaters.
  • That's it, really. I haven't been able to get it out so that it's useful to creators or readers, plus I don't think I'm writing them in an unbiased manner anyway.

This of course doesn't mean I'll stop reviewing comics altogether. It just means that I am no longer accepting comp copies that are given to me specifically for review purposes.

Thanks to all who offered and will ofer. I really appreciate that my opinion on your comic means something to you, but after much reflection, I've decided it was best to no longer make promises I end up not keeping.

Thanks, all.

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