Jul 18, 2012

Watchmen French Reprint Edition Portfolio and Promo Posters: Hi-Res Scans

I've been looking for high-resolution scans of the French Reprint Edition pin-ups of WATCHMEN for a while. These are all drawn by Dave Gibbons. I saw them over a decade ago when I first got Internet access, but I only now found these really high-quality scans of them from here. Since notasdecine is not a comics site, I figured I'd give it a home here on The Cube.

So here they are, followed by the black-and-white promotional posters, complete with quotes for each. (Words by Alan Moore, of course.)

Since they're in high resolution, click through to see the pics. Click the pics to enlarge them.


Such a beautiful set. Love the ticking clock, and I just love the painted look.

Here are the promo posters.



Guillermo Nuñez said...

great job, those covers are amazing! im the early nineties (i think) there was a spanish watchmen edition by glenat in six oversized hard cover volumes featuring those covers, but they published only the first three of them.

i also featured this a while ago in my blog

keep up the good work mate!

MOCK! said...

Wow...those are gorgeous!

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