Jul 15, 2012

Easter Eggs in Comics: Death of the Endless in Thanos #7

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In 2004, Marvel's mad Titan, Thanos, got his own series, courtesy of Jim Starlin and his eventual artist, Ron Lim (he of SILVER SURFER and INFINITY GAUNTLET fame). Thanos is a dangerous villain who is in love with Marvel's Death, who usually shows up as a female in a hood and a robe, sometimes with a regular face or just as a pure skeleton.

Death's skeletal form, Thanos, Death's "human" form

But she's Death, so she can take on whatever form she wants. And in THANOS #7, she takes on this form.

It's different enough to avoid lawsuits, obviously, but isn't that obviously a takeoff of Death of the Endless, from Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN series?

Art by JH Williams III

'Cause I think so!

Thanks to Back Issue Ben for the scans!

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Anonymous said...

Just noticed this page from a search, because the Thanos-Death-Sandman issue had me puzzled, and with the upcoming Infinity War film I decided to see what was canon.

There's no need to avoid a lawsuit, since Gaiman's Sandman characters are part of the mainstream Marvel Universe.

And your selected image answered my question. Since Gaiman's Death is a benevolent character, in her way, she didn't strike me as someone who would be impressed by someone killing on her behalf.

Apparently that issue did arrive, and Gaiman's Death is one of the aspects of Death in the Marvel Universe canon.


Duy Tano said...

Gaiman's Sandman is a part of DC Comics. Marvel's Death is a pre-existing character that Ron Lim drew to look like Gaiman's Death in this issue and this issue alone.

Azrael_I said...

Well, Death from Sandman appears at least two times in Marvel Universe: at Galactus vs Rachel Summers first fight ( http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v40/newmsgt/raydeath1.jpg ) and at Rick Jones and Marlo Chandler marriage ( http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_6xoH967aC00/SuWli2xOabI/AAAAAAAAVAM/eIZm2Y3POy0/s400/hulk418-5.jpg )

Unknown said...

And in the Sandman series, Dream has a conversation with the Martian Manhunter and I believe interacts with some other DC characters. Those marvel appearances are at best unofficial cameos.

Though from a certain PoV, all Deaths are the same Death.

Unknown said...

Nope it's the very opposite : Misstress Death is just an aspect of Death of the endless.

Unknown said...

Nope, it's the very opposite : Misstress Death is just an aspect of Death of the endless !

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