Mar 15, 2012


And now, a word from David Hontiveros...

Greetings, Earthling.

If you’re a regular to the Cube, you may recall an Artist Search that was hosted here late last year.

Now, the comic book results of that Search will soon be upon us.

I’ve never really promised anything unless I was 100% reasonably sure about it, so, in keeping with that, allow me to say that we are targeting the Summer Komikon on May 26 as a possible launch date for some of the new titles.

Take note, this is an announcement, not of the actual launch, but of the possible one.

If we do manage to make that date, and you do get to see some of the new comic titles at the Alamat table then, they may include these…

As a preview of things to come, here are the inner front title pages of URIEL: HEKHALOT and AGYU: SURFACING.

Art by Vinnie Pacleb

Art by Bong Dacanay

The blank spaces above the chapter titles and credits are where the comic’s masthead should be...

If these whet your appetite for more, keep an eye on the Cube for further previews and announcements.

And send some good karma out into the world to help us get their first installments all done and ready by May.

you can’t drink just six,


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