Jan 27, 2012

Write Your Own Toonopedia Article

Well, a while back, I wrote about Don Markstein, webmaster of one of my favorite sites on the 'net, Toonopedia. He's been in bad health for a while, and I got this comment from his daughter, and it doesn't look good. But here's how you can help keep Toonopedia alive.

Don Markstein's daughter, Rachel Brown, here. Your thoughts and well wishes mean a lot to our family. He greatly enjoys the occasional card, well wishes, or even fan letter. You may continue to send them to him at the address listed in the original post.

Unfortunately, the hope for him recovering is slim at best. He had a history of strokes, then suffered an incident that caused him to be in and out of hospitals for several weeks last February. Stubborn old man that he is, he actually walked out of one the second the ambulance got him there once. Unfortunately, in March of last year, days after his 64th birthday, he suffered a massive stroke while in the hospital. This caused him to be paralyzed on his left side.

His toonopedia was his favorite pastime. He spent years collecting comic trivia and exploring his love for comics. I think I was born as an excuse to continue his love for comics, both in stillform and in animation.

Toonopedia has become everything he ever wanted it to be. Well, it doesn't pay the bills. But it has given him the opportunity to share his passion with others on his terms and given to others a vast repository of toonological knowledge.

In the spirit of keeping his passion alive, my mother, his wife, GiGi Dane, posted yesterday on her Facebook the following:

The time has come to see YOUR byline in the Toonopedia!

If you are a fan of toons then you are probably a fan of Don Markstein's award-winning website -- the Toonopedia (www.toonopedia.com. For over a decade Mr. Markstein has been the creator and sole contributor of the site. He has become too ill to continue but is still interested in seeing the site grow and remain a top source of knowledge for toon lovers in the years to come.

We are now in a position to continue his work but need fresh material to add to our content. Don has asked us to solicit new articles. We are interested in articles on almost any toon that is basically American-bred (although he has made exceptions) that needs a presence in the Toonopedia. Familiarize yourself with the style of the Toonopedia articles. Note the use of artwork with each article and submit a representative piece that reflects the characters personality.

If you have any questions you can contact us at toonopedia@yahoo.com

With many exceptions, my dad has maintained focus on American toons that are at least 10yrs old. His favorite exceptions are things that are returning to the limelight. Submissions will be reviewed by his family members (a couple sons in law, a nephew or two, his wife, etc.) and published upon approval with the name of the writer.

Toonopedia has been one of my favorite sites since I got Internet access. Don Markstein's passion shone through and he was one of the main influences behind the Cube, right beside that Dial B for Blog guy. If you can, please help keep this extensive resource alive.


Rachel Brown said...

Rachel Brown here again. It's been a while as my mother suffered poor health in her final years following my father's passing. But time marches on and my sister and I are realizing that many still turn to the Toonopedia for my dad's "vast repository of toonoligical knowledge." Now that the site falls to us, we are beginning efforts to revive the Toonopedia and, yes, a byline is still an option we are considering. Join our Facebook page to discuss our plans at www.facebook.com/toonopedia

Jim Halperin said...

Rachel, We would be very interested in continuing your father's work as a public service to the comics community. Please contact me (Jim@HA.com) if you would like to discuss further. Jim Halperin, Co-Chairman of HERITAGE AUCTIONS
Direct: 214-409-1255 | 877-HERITAGE (437-4824) | Fax: 214-409-2255
3500 Maple Ave. 17th Floor
Dallas, Texas 75219
Jim@HA.com | www.HA.com

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