Jan 8, 2012

Comics' Biggest Boners: A SANDMAN Misprint!

Welcome to another edition of Comics' Biggest Boners, in which we showcase some of the biggest goofs and gaffes in comics! Click here for the archive!

And now, your host, 1950s Joker!

In SANDMAN #17, "Calliope," by Neil Gaiman and Kelley Jones, a writer named Richard Madoc is visited by Dream of the Endless and given a most terrible scare. Here are the last six panels of the story.

In Germany, however, someone looking at the translated version decided it would be funny to doodle something in that empty penultimate panel. The publisher, however, thought it was for real, and so the German-translated version ends with this.

Now THAT, dear Cubers, is a boner.

And to mark it, my friend Paul Cornish of The Last of the Famous International Fanboys and The Amalgam Age of Comics made this animated GIF! Click on it to view the animation.

This can be found in:


Nemo said...

and here I was looking for something perverted and searched the whole thing :D

Allysons Attic said...

Ah hahahaha
This is were you wonder "What does the a editor do?"
Did the editor bother reading the original when proofing?

Pony English said...

Eight years later and I'm still looking for the German print of this issue. One day!

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