Nov 8, 2011

Read Alan Moore's JUDGE DREDD Script!

Back in 2003, when he turned 50 (so I guess he's turning 58 in 10 days), Alan Moore got two books devoted to him. They were full of tribute art and testimonials by fellow artists and writers. One of them, THE EXTRAORDINARY WORKS OF ALAN MOORE, even printed two Moore scripts that were never illustrated.

One of those scripts is Moore's first-ever attempt at writing a comic book script (he had been doing comic strips prior). With guidance from his friend Steve Moore, Alan wrote 2000 AD's flagship character for the only recorded time in history. Editor Alan Grant never bought the script (presumably because they were doing fine with John Wagner's stories), and it's not as "stringent" as Moore's scripts would later come to be known (he doesn't even demarcate the page numbers here). It's an interesting look into the evolving process of one of comics' greatest writers, and is a true historical artifact.

And if you're one of the Filipino artists trying out for The David Hontiveros Project and don't have a script to work with yet, well, here's one for you.

This script is copyright Alan Moore.

Check out more Moore-related features in these two books!

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