Nov 19, 2011

Final Thoughts Before Komikon 2011

The Komikon is in a matter of hours, so I figure I'll do some final plugs before I head off to bed!

I picked up the first issue of WIPcomics by Hub Pacheco and Ted Pavon at Planet X yesterday. It is a fun slice-of-life story that at times breaks the fourth wall. I was actually gripped for a good 20 minutes while reading it — and for you Pinoy readers, it's fun to spot the in-jokes. Click on the image to read the webcomic! Go visit their table at the convention, too! Buy it!

There's a new app on Facebook called ComixTrips! It's a whole app where you can read some Filipino komiks -- for free!!  TRESE! KIKOMACHINE! FILIPINO HEROES LEAGUE! Check it out!

Don't forget, aspiring artists! Your deadline for submitting samples to me so you can have the chance to work with Dave Hontiveros is this Monday. Check out this post for more details.

BATHALA: APOKALYPSIS 1 and 2 by Dave Hontiveros and Ace Enriquez are now available via for the Kindle. Check 'em out here:

Enjoy Komikon, folks!

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