Nov 6, 2011

Artist Audition! Get a Chance to Work With David Hontiveros! Do YOU Have What It Takes?

Howdy there, Comics Cubers! Wouldn't you know it — I got an email from David Hontiveros, writer of DHAMPYR, KADILIMAN, HORUS, AVATAR, and BATHALA: APOKALYPSIS, as well as the horror novellas TAKOD, CRAVING, and PARMAN, and the e-novel PELICULA, asking me if I knew of any local artists who may be a good fit for his next project. I don't, but what I do have is a Cube where I can hold auditions. Do you think YOU have what it takes? Then read on for the mechanics.

Here's the deal. The Chosen One (TM) will get a chance to design and develop the characters and the universe of the story in question, and will therefore receive co-creator credit for the comic. Unfortunately, just due to the nature of the business, there is no pay upfront, but there'll be a 50% split on royalties, so the Chosen One will get paid half of the profits when the book starts selling and earning money, whether it be in print or in an e-comic format. Due to the nature of this deal, entering artists can only submit individual entries; the only guy you'll be collaborating with is David Hontiveros. Do not enter as a team. Also, this audition is only open to citizens of the Philippines.

You'll be assessed by a panel of three, two of whom are me and Dave. I'm not telling you who the other one is. You can guess if you want, but I'm not telling you.

Now, for the rest of the requirements, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Dave!

Greetings, Earthling.

As Duy has pointed out, I’m currently in search of the right comic book artist to collaborate with on a title that’s in the superhero genre, with action and drama, rock ‘em and sock ‘em, angry punchy bits and weepy, sniffy, talky bits.

If you think you’re the right artist for the job, we’d love to see your stuff. The four pages of sequential, finished art (pencils and inks) you’re sending in as your sample don’t necessarily have to be new, but they should be some of your best stuff. You need to show us that you can kill a comic book page, not just with your art style, but your storytelling as well.

Show us how you’d approach spandex and capes and masks and all the other trappings of the superhero genre we all know and love.

Think rhythm and pacing, mood and tone, setting and atmosphere. And of course, action and dynamism and Biff, Bam, and Pow! too.

Samples should feature pre-existing characters (by DC or Marvel or any other comic book publisher, including local ones) and not any of your original creations.

Samples should be in black-and-white, though if you’d also like for us to see your coloring capabilities, then knock yourself out.

You don’t need to have prior comic book work experience (though that’s always a plus). Whatever your level of experience in the medium though, it is advised that you have at least a passing familiarity with the vocabulary of the comic book script.

Just email your samples in to Duy (comicscube(at)gmail(dot)com), along with your name, contact details (email address), and details of any prior art-related work (such as, if you’ve worked on a comic book in the past). And if you have any art that’s online (such as on DeviantArt), include the links, so we can see what sort of range you have.

Only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted by us once we’ve come to our determination, so just wait to hear back. Don’t bug Duy about any samples you sent in; he was gracious enough to have the search hosted on the Cube, so let’s leave the man in peace.

And, should you not hear back from us, that doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t like your art style. It may mean that we feel your style doesn’t quite gel with the title we’re currently looking for an artist for; but it may be the right style for something else that’s waiting in the wings or that’s in development right now.

At the very least, your sample will be in our “database,” and rest assured, if your art style seems to be tailor-fitted to some other title, you’ll be hearing from us.

As Duy also pointed out, this project will be paid out in royalties, so we need to have the comic completed first, then have it either published in the traditional dead trees format, or as an ecomic, then have the comic sell, before we’ll be seeing any kind of financial return. That goes for me, too.

Which is why we also need artists who are doing this, first and foremost, for the love of the craft and the medium.

The scripts are all done, just waiting for someone’s pencils and talent to see the light of day. So, if you think your art style will knock our collective socks off, and you’re willing to make this kind of a commitment, then email your stuff in!

We’re eager to hear from you.

Send me four pages of sequential art not featuring original characters by November 21, 2011. Include your name, contact details, and any links to your art online, as well as some additional info that you think might help you. And remember, you should use pre-existing characters, not your originals.

Well, what're you waiting for? HOP TO IT!

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