Oct 24, 2011

WATCHMEN 2? I'm Over It.

Well, it's pretty much all but confirmed. There will be new projects set in the WATCHMEN universe, with Darwyn Cooke at the helm. I was wondering how my reaction to it differed from my reaction to its possibility a year ago, and I have to admit: not so much. Most of the stuff I said back then — that I'd look at it if Dave Gibbons was involved and that I think there is actually room for a prequel or a TALES OF THE BLACK FREIGHTER comic — still hold true. The difference now lies in how extreme my reaction is not.

It's absolutely true that any sequel to WATCHMEN may be deemed superfluous, and that any attempt at such may feel a lot like glorified fan fiction. But what, may I ask, would the difference between that and most of mainstream comics fare these days anyway?

This will not change the original work by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons in any way. No one is forcing me or you to buy it or enjoy it or even pay attention to it.

As for the whole creators' rights issue, it's kind of split in half here. Moore doesn't want to do it, but Gibbons does. And seeing as how I've always thought that Gibbons deserved more recognition and recompense for his role in WATCHMEN, I actually may fall on his side on this one. Did you know that when he and Moore were flown to New York to promote WATCHMEN in 1986 that Moore got put in a five-star hotel, while Gibbons stayed in a dirt motel, where he eventually got robbed?

So call this what you will. Creatively bankrupt, a cashgrab, a savvy business move, something to piss off Alan Moore, whatever. But let's give the "This will ruin WATCHMEN" thing a rest. COUNTDOWN didn't ruin the Golden Age Mary Marvel stories, John Byrne didn't ruin Superman, "Sins Past" didn't ruin Gwen Stacy... I could go on and on, but the point is, it's all fiction, and as fiction, you can pick and choose what "really" happened.

And face it — if there's any one guy that can actually make this intriguing, it's Darwyn Cooke.

So let's save the hate juice, guys. It's going to be fine.

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